the ultimate guide to pinterest group boards

Are you ready to take your Pinterest marketing up a level? You already know that Pinterest is a huge part of earning tons and tons of passive traffic to your blog and you've read countless times that participating in group boards is a major key to the strategy. But, have you quite mastered your process?



When I came back to blogging earlier this year, I was so overwhelmed by Pinterest marketing.



Group boards, Tailwind, manual pinning, caption SEO, rich pins, automation, a/b testing, font choices, algorithm changes, the SmartFeed. IT WAS A LOT. It still is a lot! After I read up on group boards, though, I quickly got the big picture. BUT, I knew that I had to organize my process.


I was pitching around 20-40 boards a day to see if they'd add me as a contributor. I was rapidly adding content to my blog, which meant I was adding more and more original pins to my boards on a daily basis. Once I started getting added to group boards, I suddenly had a lot more to worry about: pin scheduling, board rules, repinning external content.



That's why I created a spreadsheet for myself. To, you know, stay sane. It was a super basic Google Doc just for me. In it, I listed a few major things:


  • Which group boards I had pitched myself to and when
  • Which group boards I had been accepted to and what I could pin to them
  • Each of my blog posts, which boards I could post to, and when I last posted



After I got to thinking a little bit, I realized that something like this could benefit other people just like me. The ones who are blogging on the side, who just got home from an 8+ hour day of work, with groceries on the counter, dinner yet to be made, and the gym crying out for attention. ANYTHING to save time and to stay organized.



This ULTIMATE Pinterest Group Board Tracker workbook is for you. It's exactly the one that I use. Wait, scratch that. It's better than the one I use because I actually made it PRETTY and clean, compared to the jumble of notes mine looks like right now. I've also written a super detailed, step-by-step guide on exactly how I use this workbook, as well as some other tips like:


  • How to pitch yourself to a Pinterest Group Board
  • How to evaluate and find a group board's virality score
  • Manual Pinning vs. Automation: How I combine the two Pinterest strategies for success



When I first started out, my Pinterest monthly views were around 18K. Now, as of August 25th, they're at 484K. My blog receives between 100-250 views a day JUST from Pinterest. That's steady, passive traffic that is helping guide eyes to your website and to cement your blog authority.

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