Creating Space for Exercising in Your House

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Getting to the gym can be difficult when you have a busy schedule, and most of us do, which is probably why statistics have shown that 67% of gym memberships go unused. Setting up an exercise space at home may make more sense as it’s much more convenient to get to, not to mention more affordable, making it easier to keep up the good habit of working out regularly.

But what’s the best way to create that space?

Whether you have an entire room available to dedicate to a gym, or if it’s only a corner in your home, there’s a way to make it happen.


Pick a Space

Princeton real estate homes for sale tend to be extra spacious and come with basements or plenty of rooms that might be used for exercise space. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those, you might have lots of choices, so you’ll want to choose a room that has enough space for the types of workouts you want to do, such as practicing yoga, lifting weights or using weight machines, and/or doing cardio, maybe an elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike. Other factors such as temperature, flooring, and lighting should be considered, too.

If you don’t have an extra room or basement to use as exercise space, you may be able to create one in a small corner or nook in a room. I don’t have room in my office for a full bike or equipment set, but I make sure to keep it open enough that I can lay a yoga mat out on the floor. It’s important to me to be able to focus and exercise in a space where I won’t be distracted (or my kitty Chester won’t distract me). 




Ideally, you’ll want to include a variety of equipment that allows for a full body workout, but of course, it will have to fit the space you have. If you have room for that Stairmaster or Peloton bike, great – but if you don’t, and/or it’s just not in your budget, there are plenty of other options for cardio exercise at home. Simply turning up the tunes and dancing around gets the blood pumping. (Ahem, try this will cooking dinner.) Doing laundry all day even can count as a little bit of cardio, especially when your machines are on a different floor, like the basement.

Dumbbells are inexpensive and don’t take up much space – get two or three pairs in varying weights. Resistance bands are another option for strength and weight training, and they take up even less space. You may want to get a yoga mat or comfort mat, not only ideal for practicing yoga but for pilates, like in my fav channel, Blogilates.


Storage Solutions

If you’re combining your exercise space with another room or using only a nook in your TV room, you’ll need storage for the smaller equipment you have like dumbbells, a yoga mat, and resistance bands. A small console table, bookshelf or even a decorative basket can work well in many cases. You could use towel or coat hooks to hang up a jump rope and/or resistance bands – check Pinterest for other ideas if you aren’t sure where to start.


Get Motivated

Print and frame some inspirational photos for your area — anything that makes you feel happy. If you don’t like inspirational quotes, don’t use that. For me, I’d love to pick pictures of me with my dance troupe, when I feel the happiest and healthy with my fitness. A candle infused with essential oils will keep you relaxed during yoga flows, a Himalayan salt lamp is clutch, and an air-purifying plant will offer something nice to look at while you’re pumping weights. 

Another way to get motivated to want to exercise in your space is to make sure you have a window nearby. I love feeling the fresh air come in when I’m doing yoga and looking at trees and greenery outside always gets me in the right mindset.


Hopefully these little tips help you feel prepared to clearing a space for exercise in your house.

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