16 Free Spring Crochet Patterns

free crochet patterns for spring

When the weather even HINTS at warming up a little bit, I find myself scouring Pinterest for some spring crochet patterns. After months of heavy blankets, thick scarves, and chunky hats, it’s nice to lighten up your projects a little bit.

While Minnesota hasn’t quite gotten the memo about spring weather yet (hello 5″ of snow yesterday and a high of 1 degree tomorrow), that doesn’t need to stop me from preparing my spring crochet project plans now!

Here are the 16 free spring crochet projects that I’ve found online that make me want to bust out the pastel colored yarn.


1. Giant Bunny Floor Pillow Crochet Pattern

crochet bunny floor pillow

Find Pattern Here


While I don’t usually include a ton of kid-focused patterns in my round-ups, I couldn’t resist this giant rabbit, because… well… I want one? So I’m assuming other (normal) adults would, too. I MEAN, C’MON. It’s so cute. Imagine laying up against that guy while playing some video games until 3 am or marathoning the new season of Queer Eye.


2. Retro Striped Crochet Sweater Pattern

striped crochet sweater pattern

Find Pattern Here


AH! This is so cute. Like, I’d buy it in the store in a heartbeat if I saw it on the rack type of cute. Spring is definitely a transitional weather time of year, so a versatile sweater like this would be perfect to wear on a chilly morning over a tee and jeans. This is at the top of my must-make list. Time to start color planning…


3. Lace Puff Stitch Shawl Crochet Pattern

lace crochet shawl pattern

Find Pattern Here


How soft and fluffy does this look? This shawl is so pretty thanks to the soft yarn used, the cute puff stitch pattern, and, of course – my fav – the tassels. This looks like it works up pretty quickly and can be easily customizable by changing the size and color.


4. Rabbit Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

bunny crochet wall hanging

Find Pattern Here


This looks like it would be a nice simple way to practice some tapestry crochet. Whenever I see a pattern like this, it makes me itchy to want to design my own tapestry. The bunny is so cute by itself, and while you know I love pom poms, I would probably not include the tail. UNLESS it was a gift for a baby nursery. Then, pom pom away.


5. Lamb Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

lamb amigurumi pattern

Find Pattern Here


Ok, don’t mind all the pictures of this toy with a baby, I would 100% keep this for myself on my shelf. The popcorn wool is just so sweet, and I love its little face.


6. Spring Shawl Crochet Pattern

spring crochet shawl

Find Pattern Here


I love this color palette! This looks like a quick project to work up, and I’m pretty inspired with the hues used in the pattern. I’m a sucker for shawls — they’re great for scarves on a medium chilly day and they’re also a good addition to my belly dance wardrobe.


7. Crochet Gingham Dishcloth Pattern

crochet gingham dishcloth

Find Pattern Here


Gingham is one of my favorite patterns ever, but usually can be a pain for crochet projects. I started a whole blanket once that consisted of three balls of yarn, one of which was a combo of two skeins. It was a lot to keep track of and I spent more time untangling than crocheting. So, a dishcloth seems a biiiit more manageable. These look nice and fresh for spring, and definitely totally useful.


8. Crochet Poncho Pattern

spring poncho crochet pattern

Find Pattern Here


This poncho pattern comes with instructions for two ways to construct this garment. You can either seam it up on all sides and create a true poncho or, what I would do, just seam up the edges and make an open, flowy cardigan. This coverup would be great to just throw on when you run outside or for sitting on your porch during a sunny, but still a little chilly day.


9. Crochet Carrot Amigurumi

amigurumi carrot pattern

Find Pattern Here


Ahhh, these are cute. Not sure what I would personally do with a bunch of amigurumi carrots, but I’m sure I could think of something. Stuff a few inside of an Easter basket, lay a couple here and there on a tabletop centerpiece, add them to the top of a wrapped gift for a springtime birthday — I mean, who wouldn’t want a carrot this cute?


10.  Crochet Floral Spring Wreath Pattern

crochet wreath for spring

Find Pattern Here


Pinteresty wreaths can be 100% cheesy and I’m pretty picky on what I think is cute or not. This one, in the classic Attic24 color scheme, is pretty. First, a background of bright stripes, followed by a big spattering of little flowers. Love it.


11. Crochet Succulents Pattern

Crochet Succulents Pattern

Find Pattern Here


For a plant that everyone tells me is super simple to keep alive, my succulents never really last that long. Maybe not enough direct light? Not enough water? Too much? WHO KNOWS, but these cuties will stay beautiful no matter what, just maybe get a little dusty. I love the purple paint on the edges, too.


12. Crochet Scrubbies Pattern

cleaning scrubby pattern

Find Pattern Here


This pattern is good for spring cleaning plans AND for saving some money. I love little scrubbies like this because they’re perfect for getting into little water bottles and weird shaped stuff, dishes that I don’t always 100% trust my dishwasher to get into. Super easy to whip up, and a lot cheaper than going through sponge after sponge.


13. Crocheted Swiffer Cover Pattern

crochet swiffer cover

Find Pattern Here


Another cleaning pattern! This one is so cute and is made with blanket yarn. This is nice and absorbent for all that dust hanging out in your corners, and just like above, can be washed for multiple uses rather than store-bought items.


14. Crochet Market Bag Pattern

market bag crochet pattern

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With warmer weather comes more outings, more farmer’s markets, more thrifting, just more EVERYTHING that’s not being cooped up in your house. This bag is huge and could fit some produce or bottles of cold brew or new clothes from Goodwill or even just a book and a sandwich to eat in the park on your lunch break.


 15. Two Tone Mesh Crochet Market Bag Pattern

mesh crochet farmer's market bag

Find Pattern Here


While the bag above could pass as a daily purse, this guy here is definitely made for going to the farmer’s market. OR, as seen in the picture, toting around your yarncraft WIPs! (Just make sure your hooks are in a little bag!) Looks like such an easy weekend project, I might just put THIS one on the top of my list so I can start and finish something in only a day.


16. Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

slouchy crochet beanie

Find Pattern Here


Ok, first of all — I love crochet patterns that are designed to look knit. They take a bit longer, but they’re so nice and pretty. This pattern looks difficult enough for it to be a fun project to take on and learn something new, but easy enough that you won’t get too annoyed before you’ve fastened off your last end.


16 Free Crochet Patterns for Spring

spring crochet patterns

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