Witchcraft Resources of the Week #1

pyrite uses

I’m starting a new series on my blog featuring news and articles that I find that deal with “witchy things” — aka, anything to do with the metaphysical, paranormal, and healing worlds. I’ll share blog posts that I find interesting and helpful, for being who are practicing witches or who are looking to learn more. As I am still very early in my  journey in incorporating this lifestyle into my own, most of the posts I’ll share will probably be aimed at beginners or those who are more casual, but as I grow, I’m sure this series will evolve, as well.


If You’re Interested in Crystals:


serene golden latte

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If You’re Interested in Herbalism or Ayurveda:


moon cycle rituals

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If You’re Interested in Rituals & Spells:


dia de los muertos

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General Witchcraft Info:

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