16 Christmas Crochet Patterns

christmas crochet patterns

Happy holiday hooking, guys! Now that my other favorite season of crochet projects is over, it’s time for the main event: Christmas. Yes, some may say it’s a little early to start decorating and celebrating (and while I love the holiday more than many people, I do agree that November 1st is not the time to start decorating), I say it’s never too early to start crafting your projects and gifts.

Just think: how long does it take you to finish a scarf? An amigurumi ornament? A hat, a shawl, a coffee cup cozy, a BLANKET, for goodness sake? They can’t all be one night projects, so starting ahead of time will save some stress and long nights with HDCs and coffee the week before Christmas.

So, in the spirit of being crochet RESPONSIBLE, may I present to you this list of Christmas crochet patterns and projects that I think are perfect for the holiday.


1. Chain Garland Crochet Pattern

evergreen crochet garland

Find Pattern Here


So cute and quick to whip up! This is a simple treatment to add to your mantle, door frame, windows, etc, to add a bit of festive spirit to your house. Plus, seems like it could be a good stash buster if you have a few different shades of green laying around.


2. Paperclip Ice Skate Ornament Crochet Pattern

paperclip ice skate crochet ornament

Find Pattern Here


Eek! I love these! So classic, so retro, so quick and easy. How many of these little suckers do you think you could bust out in a night? Adorable.


3. Dainty Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

magical christmas tree amigurumi pattern

Find Pattern Here


This one made me gasp! The shiny tinsel, the little pearls and stars, the layers of the branches. It’s so pretty, it’s almost magical! The pattern is in Swedish, but crocheters are great at getting what they want, so if you scroll down, there is a translated pattern in the comments! Phew!


4. Snowflake Sugar Cookie Crochet Pattern

twinkie chan christmas crochet patterns

Find Pattern Here


You guys know I loooove Twinkie Chan. I’ve made dozens of these sugar cookies, but not as a scarf — I sew a ribbon to the top and use them as ornaments. I love to make a ton when I’m watching TV or movies, and use them to attach to top of gifts I give, too. Just a cute little add on that makes the wrapping so much prettier.


5. Christmas Flower Doily Crochet Pattern

christmas doily pattern

Find Pattern Here


I love doilies and I looooove retro doily patterns. This picture makes me think that maybe this isn’t a super Christmas-y pattern, but the colors chosen lend themselves to feeling very festive.


6. Snowflake Afghan Crochet Pattern

snowflake crochet afghan pattern

Find Pattern Here


I made this! Find out more about what I did, used, and thought here!


7. Amigurumi Christmas Mice & Sleigh Crochet Pattern

christmas mice crochet pattern

Find Pattern Here


Hold the phone. I’ve found the cutest pattern out there, so you can all stop looking. That little mousie climbing the ladder to get up in the sleigh full of presents?! STOP. This pattern is £3, but it includes the mice, the sleigh, the presents, the antlers, the trees, and even the ladder! Worth it.


8. Pretty Snowflake Motif Crochet Pattern

snowflake crochet pattern

Find Pattern Here 


Snowflake patterns are kind of a dime a dozen, but these ones are very, very pretty – especially that top one. I’m a sucker for a bobble stitch, though. Thanks to the tumblr user for translating the chart! The picture is a little small for me to try and count what’s going on there.


9. Christmas Sampler Crochet Blanket

christmas sampler crochet blanket pattern

Find Pattern Here


This one intimidates me, which makes me want to try it so bad! It looks so pretty and so different from anything that I’ve ever made. Wow!


10. Candy Cane Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

amigurumi candy cane

Find Pattern Here


Look at this little guy! The pattern is fun, because the curve is crochet and not shaped by anything inside of it. (Well, besides a little stuffing.) This would be cute on top of a wrapped gift, hanging from a tree, or just out and about on your shelves and table tops for extra decoration.


11. Bumble the Abominable Snowman Crochet Pattern

abominable snowman crochet pattern

Find Pattern Here


OKAYYYY — let’s just say, this is being made the INSTANT I can find the most perfect fuzzy white yarn to use. Holy moly, this is amazing.


12. Christmas Deer Cupcake Crochet Pattern

christmas deer crochet pattern

Free Pattern Here


What tiny little sweet babies these are! That pink and mint one! I’m dying! I know I said at the beginning of the post that I wasn’t totally ready to be all in for Christmas this early in November, buuuut– after that Bumble doll above and these guys, I might need to at least buy some candy canes…


13. Christmas Baubles Crochet Pattern

christmas baubles

Free Pattern Here


Wonderful for stash busting, these baubles are classic looking and would be pretty on a tree or in a vase on your table. So many color combos you can do, but I really like that one on the far right, with the red, cream, and teal.


14. Christmas Lights Crochet Pattern

crochet christmas lights

Free Pattern Here


C7s are my favorite Christmas lights, so this pattern is for sure getting bookmarked to my “to make” list for this holiday.


15. Christmas Garlands Crochet Pattern

japanese crochet garlands for christmas

Find Pattern Here


These garlands were too cute not to share, but beware: there is no pattern, only charts. Which would be fine, but the charts are scanned in from a book, so they’re a little small. But, really, a little zooming, trying and testing, counting, squinting… and you’ll be fine.


16. Christmas Pickle Crochet Pattern

crochet pickle pattern

Find Pattern Here


Last, but not least — the Christmas pickle. Do you hang a pickle ornament on your tree? Is that just a Minnesota thing, since we have so much German heritage? Either way, make a pickle this Christmas. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier.


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  1. The pattern (blue and white one) you give for the red and white snowflake afghan is not the one you used for the red one. What pattern did you use for the red and white one?

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