Christmas Crochet Patterns: Snowflake Afghan

snowflake granny square blanket crochet pattern

Like baking sweet treats, creating Christmas crochet projects takes up a lot of my time once Halloween is over. Sure, the first of November might be a bit early to think about Christmas, but when it comes to practicing cookies and cakes — and making lots of presents and ornaments and blankets — you have to get a head start to make sure you accomplish everything you want to do.

Last year, I started a liiitle bit too late to create a Christmas blanket, but, on the eve of Christmas Eve, I actually completed it just in time. The pattern I found was so great — the snowflake motifs were bigger than usual granny squares, so I didn’t need to make as many. The worsted yarn was nice and thick, so it made a comfy and full looking afghan. It was bright red and crisp white and so perfectly Christmas.


crochet snowflake blanket


I love it! Like, truly in love. I made 30 motifs, but obviously, you can make this any size or shape you want — maybe add another few rows to the edges of three then another of two? It’s definitely more of a throw/lap blanket than a full-sized afghan, but that’s kind of exactly what I wanted.


What I Used


crochet snowflake motif pattern


The best part of patterns like this is that you can use the motif for anything you want! Maybe you want to make a scarf, easy. Maybe you want to make a table runner, go for it! You control the shape that it makes. I bet you could even figure out how to make a poncho or tree skirt with it, too, if you tried hard enough.


crochet snowflake afghan


Wait, the OTHER best part of this pattern is that it’s a join-as-you-go pattern! Do you know how awesome that is?! Because then when you’re done with the motifs, you’re DONE. (Well, minus the 37,849 ends to weave in, but…) I’ve got quite a few bags full of finished motifs that I’m just dreading joining. Plus, this way, you get the added benefit of being UNDER a blanket as you work on your project. Enjoying the fruit of your labor before you’ve finished it. (Also, look how cute my dang slippers are.)


cute cat with crochet blanket


The Christmas crochet blanket hobby of mine is also Chester approved. He may not look happy up in that photo, but that’s his content face. He looks like he’s about ready to nod off sitting straight up.


crochet christmas blanket patterns


The colors of the blanket look so nice and bright in my living room, which is mostly decorated in dark greys and blacks. It also is kind of Scandinavian, which I’m also super fond of.


Have you made any Christmas blankets? What is your favorite motif to use? Show me! I wanna make another one this year!


christmas crochet blanket with snowflake pattern


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  1. The pattern that comes up is not the same as the one pictured. Would really like to have the one pictured in red and white. Thanks, Chris

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