13 Halloween Crochet Patterns

Less than two months away until Halloween! That’s ample time to bust out your crochet hooks and your black, white, and orange yarn to start making some perfectly cute and creepy Halloween crochet projects. I’ve found 13 of the best patterns around the internet featuring some of my new favorite crochet patterns. I’ve skipped some of the basic, more common ones, and I’ve only included ones that I hadn’t seen before or that I reallyyyy really wanted to try.

All of these patterns are free except for TWO – but they were so cool that I couldn’t bear to leave them out.

I know I talked about it in my crochet ghost doily post, but I love Halloween. This time of year is magical — the weather is finally starting to cool down and everyone in the world loves creepy stuff as much as I do.

I can’t imagine a more perfect night than putting something spooky on the TV, lighting an apple cinnamon candle, pouring a cup of tea or a mug of Oktoberfest beer, and curling up on the couch with some crochet.

Hopefully you can find a Halloween crochet pattern or two in here that you want to add to your project list. There are some real goodies down below. Enjoy!


1. Spiderweb Granny Square Crochet Pattern

halloween granny square pattern

Free Pattern Here


This looks like such a delicious, sturdy, thick granny square. It looks like it might take a minute to make, though, so maybe a table runner or pillowcase would be a shorter project than a full afghan.


2. Kawaii Pumpkin Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

halloween amigurumi crochet pattern

Paid Pattern Here


WOW! This guy is cute. Like, real cute. Those little pink cheek blushes. Ahhhhh.


3. Ghost Doily Halloween Crochet Pattern

halloween crochet ghost doily

Free Pattern Here


I really loved making this ghost doily! Find out more info on how I made it here.


4. Crochet Cat Ears Headband

crochet cat ears

Free Pattern Here


These cat ears are so cute – the pattern is so simple and teaches you how to attach them to a headband, too!


5. Amigurumi Candy Corn Hair Ties Crochet Pattern

amigurumi candy corn crochet

Free Pattern Here


These are adorable little hair ties, but with the small ponytail crocheted into the amigurumi, you could also use these for napkin ring holders for a spooky table setting!


6. Crochet Spiderweb Table Topper Pattern

crochet spiderweb table top

Free Pattern Here


I actually really like that Red Heart shows this pattern in a pumpkin orange rather than a spider web white — this version looks cute and kitschy, and I wouldn’t mind putting it up on my dresser or TV stand instead of my dining room table.


7. Amigurumi Beetlejuice Snake Crochet Pattern

amigurumi beetlejuice snake crochet pattern

Paid Pattern Here


WOW! Do you love this?! He’s so big! I want to buy this pattern and make him and wrap him around my banister for Halloween. Would be wonderful all coiled up on an office desk, too.


8. Crochet Pumpkin Keychain Pattern

halloween crochet pumpkin keychain


A keychain! A charm for your purse! A zipper pull! Put this little guy anywhere, he’s just that sweet looking. I really like how this pattern explains how they add the ridges to the front of the pumpkin.


9. Black Cat Halloween Crochet Doily Pattern

black cat crochet doily pattern

Free Pattern Here


This would be a perfect pair to the ghost doily I made the other week. A white ghost doily next to a black cat Halloween crochet doily. What a dream.


10. Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Amigurumi Pattern

oogie boogie amigurumi

Free Pattern Part 1 | Part 2


While I stand by the fact that Nightmare Before Christmas is more of a Christmas movie than a Halloween movie, it is true that Oogie Boogie is truly a resident of Halloweentown. This amigurumi is soooo incredibly cute. Photo Credit Here.


11. Cute Ghost Halloween Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

ghost amigurumi pattern

Free Pattern Here


This little sweetie! Make a whole bunch and decorate everywhere in your house. He’s just that cute.


12. Eyeball Pillow Halloween Crochet Pattern

creepy eyeball pillow crochet pattern

Free Pattern Here


I’m impressed with the creepy pillows, but I’m even more in love with the styling of this shoot. A lime green lava lamp and a fuzzy zebra print chair? Wow!


13. Crochet Ghost Candy Container Pattern

crochet ghost candy container

Free Pattern Here


These little ghosties fit perfectly over a cleaned out Yoplait yogurt container! Fill those guys up with candy treats and cover them up with the little crochet ghosts. You can give them any expression you want with the felt face pieces.


What do you think? These patterns definitely range from a longer term project to something you can finish during the day.


Halloween Crochet Patterns

13 crochet patterns for halloween

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