Halloween Crochet Patterns: Ghost Doily

free halloween crochet patterns

I love this time of year. My favorite season runs from September 1st to about the middle of January. All the best holidays are there, all the best food, weather, smells, movies, etc. MY BIRTHDAY. This long chunk of months at the back half of the year starts with one of my very, VERY favorite things: Halloween time.

I don’t wait until fall to surround myself with spooky things, but I’m just so happy to see the rest of the world catch up to my favorite aesthetic. Craft stores, Target, TJ Maxx — pretty soon they’ll all have sections dedicated to witches and pumpkins and skulls and Freddy Krueger. Heaven!

I’m kicking off this Halloween season with this incredible crochet pattern — a ghost doily. I love doilies. I love making them and looking at them. They’re so intricate and dainty and little, but also so impressive of a craft to have created. I’m just as proud to finish a small doily as I am to finish a massive blanket.


free halloween crochet patterns


This guy was no exception — on the scale of difficulty, it wasn’t bad at all. It was a fairly simple pattern, easy to follow, and really only took about a day or two to finish. (It was perfect for a day of binge-watching the entire season of Sharp Objects.)


(Ok, by the way, can we PLEASE talk about Sharp Objects? I feel like I have a blog post coming on all the crazy stuff I found after I finished the last episode and devoured the reddit in like a minute.)


What I Used:


steel crochet hook set


I love this set of small crochet hooks. It has one base and then sizes 1-14 – you just unscrew the top of the base and plop the end in.  My mom got it for me from Hobby Lobby years ago and I can’t find it anywhere online! Also, bonus photo of Chester in the background.


ghost doily halloween crochet pattern ideas


Now all I have to do is to figure out what to do with this doily. I was wondering what it would be like sewn on the back of a jean jacket as a big back patch! It would also be cool to make a bowl with it, using a tutorial that’s always floating around Pinterest on how to harden delicate crochet doilies into a bowl shape. What would you do with it?


Free Halloween Crochet Pattern: Ghost Doily

boo ghost doily halloween crochet pattern


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  1. Love this!!!!!!!! I Love Halloween and hope to make one soon.
    Watched Sharp objects and Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day!
    Diane M.

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