13 Bullet Journal Ideas for Back to School

The best bullet journal ideas are the ones that help you keep your life in order. There’s no better time of year to be organized than the fall — sure, New Years is like the quintessential time for starting new and making productive resolutions, but to me, I think the Back to School season is a more appropriate time for getting a fresh start.

I haven’t been in school for a, uhh, long time, but I obviously still remember how exciting it was before each semester in college,  every new year in high school, and every new grade in elementary school. I loooooved getting my schedule, seeing when my classes were and who my teachers would be, and I especially loved writing my checklist for school supplies.

It’s no secret that I love planners — honestly, my love affair with weekly planners started back in high school when they handed out assignment notebooks to each student at the beginning of the year. If bullet journals and personal planners like Filofax or Kikki-Ks would have been as trendy and accessible as they are now, I think I would have been in a lot of trouble.

While I’m not going back to school this year, I still consider fall to be a good checkpoint in the year to get my shit back together. With a bullet journal, I can get my diet and exercise plans going back again before Christmas comes, (umm, and get my budget all set before Christmas comes), plan out all the fun books or crafts or movies or podcasts I want to check out once the weather starts turning nice and cool, compile any autumn playlists, and make a list of all the food I want to try, whether at my house or at local restaurants.

Here are some of the cutest and most useful looking bullet journal ideas for back to school that I found! I hope these inspire you, too.


journal ideas school schedule


This basic two-page layout from planningwithkay on Instagram is a bright and simple way to see your weekly schedule at a glance, as well as any major important days that you can’t forget about in a monthly format. While the left page won’t work with everyone’s usual schedules (I was never lucky enough to have a four day school week), it’s an easy enough format to modify to fit your needs. (Here is an updated version that has more detail!)




Here’s another way to view your weekly schedule at a glance. Instagram user pridebulletjournal has a very pretty graph on the left of their bullet journal and the right side has a more detailed text version, where they write the name of the class, the location, and the instructor.


syllabus planner journal ideas


Ooh, baby — now that’s the detail that I like to see. Tiffany at The Organized Brain has some great journal ideas and breaks down her majors and minors in both big and small picture ways. On the left, she has all the courses she needs to take to complete her minor, and on the left, she has all the lectures she needs to attend that specific semester in the classes she’s in.



Wow, cute! My brain definitely does NOT work this way (I need things in straight-forward lists), but this is so dang cute. @boredstudying has lettering to die for, though. With an Insta name like that, I can guess that this page was maybe done in place of studying — a habit I usually had during school.


daily school planner in a bullet journal

[Source: Pinterest]


A semester at a glance too broad for you? Month? Week? How about an hourly breakdown? This is so cute, but you definitely have to be committed to keeping this updated. BUT, from what I remember of being in class, I had my planner out all day long, lying open on my desk during classes, so it isn’t that unrealistic to imagine this being up to date at all times.


to list in a bullet journal

[Source: Pinterest]


Keeping a to-do list isn’t the most unique bullet journal idea, but the way that this one is laid out is pretty dang cute. I like how they have each item color coded. I bet they just took each syllabus and charted it all at once. Can you imagine how satisfying it would be to check off the final box?!


dates to remember bullet journal


lifeasaforensicsstudent on tumblr has a nice straightforward journal idea — a quick list of all the important dates to remember for the school year! Start and end dates to quarters/semesters are a huge thing to keep in mind. Gotta have this bad boy at the front of your back to school bullet journal.


budget plan in bullet journal


Going to school isn’t cheap! Also, being away at college is sometimes the first time a lot of kids have to worry about truly budgeting for themselves. Eintsein has a nice and simple monthly budget page set up to track spending in each area of their life.


august bujo inspo


Ok, I KNOW this isn’t super school related, but … it’s pretty cool. Plus, you need some bujo inspiration for a  monthly calendar anyway if you’re looking for journal ideas. This wave header is so beautiful and super relaxing. pridebulletjournal knows what they’re doing.


bullet journal sleep log

[Source: Pinterest]


I feel like my high school and college life were two extremes as far as sleep went — I either slept ALL THE TIME or I didn’t sleep at all. One of the keys to health (physical and mental) is good sleep. Track that! If I made this chart for my life right now… I don’t think I’d be happy about it, haha!


daily to do in bullet journal


I am in love with how this page looks from @b.izzi! In the comments on the photo, they say that they wait to draw the frames until after the day is done, so there is no wasted space or blank pages. What I really wanna know is the color codes that they have on the AM & PM hours on each banner. This is a great journal idea for tracking your weekly school assignments.


habit tracker back to school

[Source: Pinterest]


Like with the to-do list above, a habit tracker isn’t a totally new bullet journal idea, and it isn’t SUPER school specific, but if you’re going to college for the first time, you basically have to train yourself to live a whole new life. Jotting down what you feel is important and what you want to have become a habit is the first step to actually accomplishing those goals. I loooove how this habit tracker is in month format, rather than the horizontal grid pattern.


back to school fjallraven bullet journal


How cute is that Fjallraven?! This back to school list is a PERFECT bullet journal idea for September. Thanks, @studychase! The color scheme is so lovely, too.


I’ve just started my bullet journal and I’m still finding so many new ideas that I want to try! Hopefully, these pictures give you some inspiration, too.


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Journal Ideas for Back to School

bullet journal ideas for back to school

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