Housekeeping: A Couple Blog Notes

Hi everyone! I wanted to just post a couple bits of housekeeping of a few things that I’m pretty excited about! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, shared, commented, tweeted, liked, talked about, humored me, etc. I’m pretty proud so far of what I’ve been building and I can’t wait to see how much farther I can take this. Onto the updates:


1. kaijumaddy has a logo!

Thanks to our friend Jacob Kuddes, who was juuuuust¬†profiled in my first Strange Creature Spotlight, I now have my own kaijumaddy logos! These identity marks are AMAZING, I love them, and I can’t wait to rework my site’s design to incorporate the style and to fit them in here. Thank you Jacob!


2. I started a ko-fi

Buy Me a Coffee at

Have you heard of Ko-fi? It’s such a cute little way to support your friends who are creating something. It’s a small gesture that can really add up to help give your friends a little nudge. If you click the little button above, you can donate $3 at a time to buy me a COFFEE! Ko-fi! I love it. I also have a button in the sidebar, too.


Thanks again for all the visits. I’m pleased with how August is going so far and am excited to see how autumn pans out for me and the blog.

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