9 Fall Crafts (That Are Actually Cool)

Here’s the thing — I really love fall. I love Halloween, I love the weather, I love the fashion, I love everything about it. What I DON’T love is the overabundance of Pinterest-y, rustic, shabby chic crafts that take over DIY websites and boards this time of year. Burlap, mason jars, and wooden pallets  just aren’t my style. If you’re into that look, that’s totally cool! I pass no judgment, but it just doesn’t interest me.

During Autumn, DIY lists and decor inspiration boards are full of ideas in that rustic farmhouse style.  SO, to combat that, I wanted to make a list of fall crafts that was a little different from the trendy ones. These are classic crafts that you can make quickly in a day to help brighten up your home or office.

Crochet is obviously my craft of choice and last year I compiled a list of fall crochet patterns that I’d love to try. However, I want to expand my crafting and DIY repertoire, so I’m trying to pick fall crafts that I wouldn’t usually choose to do on my own.

Also, as much as I love Halloween, I’m trying to keep anything too advertently spooky out of this roundup. Fall crafts ONLY, Halloween DIY ideas to come later. But if a few creepy cuties peek in here, don’t be too surprised.


1. DIY Crepe Paper Pumpkins

crepe paper pumpkins diy

Find full instructions here.


Right out of the gate, a pumpkin craft! But, ah ah ah, they’re merely pumpkins, not jack-o-lanterns. These little buddies look so easy to make, the materials are cheap (crepe paper and styrofoam balls!), and would be super cute scattered around your mantle, your table setting, your desk at work, etc.


2. DIY Flannel Coasters

diy flannel coasters

Find full instructions here. 


Flannel is so classically fall. The real flannel, too – nice and thick, super soft and incredibly cozy. These coasters will instantly autumn up your tabletops – especially if you’re drinking a mug full of apple cider with a big old cinnamon stick in it.


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3. DIY Air Plant Terrariums

air plant terrarium

Find full instructions here. 


Terrariums aren’t necessarily a fall-only craft, but something about the moss, the muted forest green colors, and the rocks all just scream cozy autumn to me. Plus, fall is when the weather starts to turn, so indoor greenery is more viable of a hobby than gardening outside.


4. DIY Needle Felted Autumn Leaves

needle felted leaves

Find full instructions here. 


Have you needle felted before? It really isn’t as intimidating to start as it seems. This project shows you how to make this adorable project for beginners — I love that you use a cookie cutter to help maintain the shape! I’d string these little guys up for a garland.


5. DIY Pumpkin Spice Soy Candle

pumpkin candle diy

Find full instructions here. 


You guys, I have NEVER made my own candles. No idea why not, because looking at this DIY makes me realize how easy it is. Candles are one of the best fall crafts because, in my opinion, autumn smells are the best. I like that this tutorial uses a crayon to get the color!


6. DIY Flannel Blankets with Pom Pom Trim

pom pom flannel blankets

Find full instructions here. 


Flannel! Pom poms! Cozy blankets! What else do you need on a chilly fall night? Pop that popcorn, start watching scary movies, and cuddle up with a big pile of these comfy looking throws.


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7. Autumn Simmer Pot DIY

autumn simmer pot diy

Find full instructions here. 


A candle is one thing, but have you ever tried a simmer pot like this before? The amount of delicious scents that come from a pot full of yummy, autumn ingredients can fill your entire house and set the mood like nothing else. Just keep adding water to this as it evaporates, and you’ll be so happy to have a night at home.


8. Baked Apple Pie Homemade Bath Salts

apple pie bath salts

Find full instructions here. 


Either gift this jar full of delicious-smelling bath salts or keep a stash in your bathroom closet for a spa day at home. Making your own bath salts is a wonderful idea for a day of fall crafts — easy, puts you in the autumn mood, and you get to relax when you’re all done.


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9. DIY Farmer’s Market Tote

farmers market tote

Find full instructions here. 


A perfect weekend morning activity during the fall is visiting the farmer’s markets. You don’t want to show up empty-handed, though — you gotta bring your own bag with you! This DIY shows how to make a tote using a really awesome vintage tea towel.


Ideas for Fall Crafts

ideas for fall crafts


Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these or if you have any other autumn-inspired crafts that you love to do every year!

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