How To Get Your Post to Rank on Google

seo tips for bloggers

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to write a guest post explaining SEO tips for bloggers to be featured on My Twenty Cents. I was able to connect with Janet on the Facebook group page Blog + Biz Babes and after a couple of chats back and forth, we settled on a topic, deadline, and other details.

To read my post on how to use SEO on your blog to rank on Google, click here!

When reaching out to pitch yourself as a guest blogger, offer to write about what you actually know. I worked in digital marketing for years, so I was familiar with the basics of SEO, which is always a popular topic for bloggers to want to read about. It was something that the blog owner wanted on HER page to gain traffic traction, and it was something I felt comfortable writing about.


Benefits of Guest Blogging

Writing a guest post for another blog is a great way to grow your own website and improve as a blogger. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You’ll be able to include a backlink to your blog in the bio and potentially within the copy itself.
  2. Making blogger friends can lead to more opportunities down the road — link featured in round-ups, giveaway partnerships, increase in comments on your articles, guest posts for your own site, etc.
  3. Writing for someone else’s site is good practice — you have total freedom on your own blog for theme and voice, and while you’ll want to maintain your integrity while authoring this guest blog, you’ll have to make sure that you’re giving the blogger what they want. Maybe their audience likes something different, maybe you’ll have to change it up a bit to make sure they’ll approve of the way it all lays out — edits and revisions make you stronger!
  4. It establishes you as an authority on your niche. When you write about the subject on your own blog, you’ll be able to reference the fact that you were published about the same topic.


How to Rank on Google

You have to read the post to find out exactly what my tips are, but in the post, I use my past professional experience in marketing to outline the basics of SEO. I talk about:

  1. Keywords and Google’s Keyword Planner Tool
  2. The Yoast SEO plugin
  3. Genuine content and why it matters
  4. The importance of internal and external links


I hope you visit Janet’s site to read my article, and be sure to stick around and read some of her posts, too! She offers some very honest blog income reports, as well as money-saving tips.


seo tips for bloggers

2 thoughts on “How To Get Your Post to Rank on Google

  1. Very helpful article! I do have a question regarding adding links. Does one need “permission” to add links? For example, if I wrote about a weekend trip and mention the hotel that I stayed in, should I just add the hotel’s website for the reader? I know eventually I can monetize and maybe benefit from adding that link but in the meantime, it’s just helpful for the reader, correct?

    1. I would just add the link! Especially if it’s genuinely beneficial for the reader to include it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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