11 Crochet Along Projects to Try in 2018

Crochet along projects are a great way to tackle a big crochet pattern and make friends. The concept of a crochet along (CAL) is that one person posts a large project bit by bit, either on a blog or Facebook, and a group of people all work on it at the same time. Sometimes CALs are mysteries and you don’t know what you’re working on until you get further into the project, but other times, the final product is advertising before the crochet along kicks off.

Doing a CAL in a big group is great, because you get to see everyone else’s progress, too — you can share tips on how you did certain parts, get inspiration from other people’s color choices, or ask questions if you’re stuck on any part of the pattern.

Even if the CAL has started, you can always join and catch up with the rest of the group! Even if it’s done, it’s still a great way to make an awesome crochet project.

Here are 20 crochet along projects for 2018 that I found and want to jump right into!


1. Karoo Vintage MAL

vintage mystery along crochet project

More Info on Ravelry


Holy BUCKETS, look how beautiful this is! This Mystery Along (MAL) is like… literally breathtaking to me. It’s $2 to join, but look at that picture — she’s definitely worth it. At first, I thought this was just ONE motif, but when I looked through the projects on Ravelry, one image showed a girl laying on top of it. It’s gonna be a beautiful afghan, right?!


2. Grinda Shawl MAL

grinda shawl mal

More Info on LillaBjorn’s Crochet World


I love a good shawl. I love wearing them as triangle scarves, but I really love wearing them at hip scarves while belly dancing. This shawl was inspired by an island by Stockholm and features some wonderfully detailed motifs. This CAL costs money – but only around $3 – and is still going! There are two more installments.


3. Mystery Afghan Crochet Along

mystery afghan crochet along

More info on Beatrice Ryan’s Designs


I love the detail on this 12-week long afghan CAL. The project is all complete, so you can CAL at your own pace!


4. 2018 Block-A-Month CAL (BAMCAL)

sunrise beach block

More info on Ravelry


The way that this project goes is that the Ravelry group admins chose 3 different block motifs a month — then, by the end of the year, you’ll have enough squares for an afghan. The squares are in different sizes — 12″ and 6″ — and you can make however many of each motif as you’d like. This square is so so pretty.


5. Lost Lake Shawl MAL

lost lake shawl cal

More info on Ravelry 


A beautiful four-week long MAL — this shawl crochet pattern has been up for a while now, but it’s still worth a look!


6. Cosmic CAL

Cosmic CAL crochet blanket

More info on Crystals and Crochet


This extremely pretty crochet afghan pattern wrapped up at the beginning of June. This CAL was 9 parts and there are different colorway combos on her blog for inspiration.


7. Alchemy Cardigan Crochet Along 2018

alchemy cardigan crochet along

More info on Make & Do Crew


Garments kind of terrify me. Having a segmented plan of attack to create an item of clothing makes the prospect seem a lot less intimidating. This cardigan is so cute — I love the pockets and the cuffs so much. Bookmarked!


8. Woodland Ripple Crochet Along

attic24 crochetalong

More info on Attic24


Lucy on Attic24 always picks the most incredible colorways and this ripple blanket is no exception. While the pattern itself is nice and simple, her CAL guides you on how many rows to create to stay on task and which color to use when.


9. Flower Fandango CAL

flower fandango crochet pattern

More info on Creative Crochet Workshop 


Wow! You just gotta, gotta, gotta count those stitches in this crochet along. The free project shows you how to make this incredible motif, as well as how to create a shawl with the finished square.


10. Corner to Corner Temperature Blanket MAL

temperature blanket crochet along

More info on It’s All In A Nutshell


This 365-row blanket works corner to corner, and you can’t work too far in advance. Every row is a different color depending on what the temperature of the day was. If you want to catch up, you’ll have to find a weather almanac and start all the way back on January 1st.


11. Stitch-Cation Motif CAL

floral motif crochet pattern

More info on The Crochet Crowd


This trippy CAL is full of pretty, open-work style floral motifs. They all look pretty striking together, though, right? The patterns and the layout is so busy, though, I’d probably go with a monochrome color scheme instead.


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Have you ever done a crochet along? I’m so curious — I think it would be so much fun to work little by little and to compare notes with other crafters who are working on the same project at the same time.


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