Weekly Link Round Up #3

moon shelves

Another Sunday, time for my THIRD weekly link round up! July is almost through… it’s always sad to have summer go so fast, but I’m a fall baby, and I’m ready for chilly breezes and heavy sweaters. I know I’m rushing, though — we still have August! While I’m busy planning my autumn wardrobe, here are some links in the meantime.


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tokyo fashion plaid pants



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attic24 ripple blanket



  • This cold curry udon recipe sounds perfect for a hot summer day.
  • The 10 best foods to boost your hydration — I do not drink enough water during the day (for some reason, I don’t feel like LaCroix counts…), so adding these foods to my diet might be a good idea.
  • Why are we convinced blogging is dying? I have seen so many articles since I started blogging again arguing this case — that blogs are dead, social media took over. This article, though, states that it isn’t dying, blogging just has evolved. She has a good point.
  • Kaila from Rainbowholic just launched KawaiiJournaling.com! Perfect timing. 🙂

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the perfect flat lay

Everything Erin


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I hope you enjoy reading these links while sipping on some coffee, a purring kitty at your side, and lunch plans for a few hours later. Have a great week!

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