Bullet Journal Ideas: Astrology Chart

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Well, I did it. I bought a bullet journal. Pinterest got the best of me.

I already have a Filofax that I love so much and use as an actual planner and calendar, but I loved all the bullet journals I’ve seen online and how people use the books in a creative way to track habits. (I love tracking things. I always have — it’s kind of weird.) Bullet journals can be a collection of THINGS you’ve done through the year, a way to track progress or to bookmark things you don’t want to forget, a tome listing everything you want to remember, no matter how small — I wanted in.

After setting up an index listing all the pages I wanted to include, I went to work on my first one: a bullet journal astrology chart. Behold.


Bullet Journal Inspiration: Zodiac Chart

bullet journal astrology chart


What I Used:

This app is amazing! My friend at work recommended it to me today, and by the time my mom texted me back reminding me what my time of birth was, I had my astrology chart all laid out in front of me. You can connect with your friends to see compatibility, read a daily horoscope tailored to you and your birth chart, and learn all about what each sign in each planet specifically means to you.  The design is beautiful, too.

After reading through each detailed explanation of the signs in each planet, I chose a few keywords that I felt best described me. I’ll use this page as a reference so I don’t forget my chart and a way to study what my signs all are. Plus, it’s pretty!


where to buy a bullet journal


So far, after 24 hours, I love this journal and pen set. The pages are thick – you can see through A LITTLE, but for how much I’m outlining certain areas or how thick I’m making my letters, it’s really not that bad at all. I’ve only used three of the markers – the black, the grey, and the light yellow, but I’m very impressed with those, too. Less than $20 is a great price to see if bullet journaling is your thing!


Bullet Journal Ideas

bullet journal ideas


So, what else am I going to fill my bullet journal with? As I mentioned above, I started a table of contents listing all of the pages I wanted to try to create, but as you can see, I have a lot blank, too. Here are some of the pages I want to design:

  • Daily Headlines — one line defining the day. If I had this page created already, today’s would have been “A fun day at work with Paige, planned my dance workshop, and started my bullet journal.”
  • Daily Weather — I don’t really want to make a mood tracker (mine fluctuates a lot during the day?), but I think making note of how I liked the weather every day is just as telling for me.
  • Health Stuff — Weight tracker, 30-day fitness challenges, healthy meal recipes, how many days I’ve done yoga or gone to the gym, etc.
  • Song of the Day
  • Tarot Card of the Day
  • Podcast Episode Tracker — I dunno the details yet, but man, I love podcasts.
  • Blog Tracking — Social promotion, Pinterest board overhaul, blog traffic chart, goals, etc.
  • Yarn Inventory — hahahaha.


How to Write Calligraphy

bullet journal calligraphy


I’m just starting to teach myself calligraphy. I’ve always loved writing letters and practicing alphabets, but fancy scripts are tricky. For this page, all I’ve done is find some cursive alphabets on Pinterest and copy them. Write it all out in pencil first (lightly!) and then trace over it with your pen. There are so many styles of calligraphy fonts, so find one that you love and that you think you could try to emulate. I think there are even free printable pages so you can trace the letters and learn that way, too!


I’m excited to keep sharing my progress on how I’ll fill my new bullet journal. This astrology chart is just the beginning! If you aren’t ready to get so open-ended, there are still more structured planners around. Like I said, I’m not giving up my Filofax. Be sure to take a peek at my Planner Inspiration post from the other week. To die for.


Let me know in the comments how YOU use your bullet journal! I wanna see, I wanna see!!


astrology chart in your bullet journal ideas


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