Weekend Link Round Up #2

Happy Sunday! It feels like it was a lot longer than just a week since I published last week’s roundup. Since then, I’ve found a few new blogs to follow. I spent a little less time on my blog — work is really crazy with back to school coming up, I have a dance performance coming up, and I may or may not have started playing Monster Hunter World again. Here are the posts and articles that I loved this week!



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  • “The Secret Joy of Internet Ghost Towns” compares the decline in popularity of Snapchat with the earnest anonymity of the old days of the internet, before curating a perfect social media presence became the norm. It’s like the article was written for me.
  • A DIY for a herb drying rack — cute enough to be kitchen decor, but actually helpful for drying lil handfuls of herbs.
  • This sour cream and dill cucumber salad is like summer personified. As they say on New Scandinavian Cooking: “I’m insatiable for dill.”


dill cucumber summer saladthekitchn.com


tokyo fashion look



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wet n wild zodiac makeup



totoro bullet journal


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Hope you enjoyed some of these! Let me know in the comments what you’ve been reading this week. One more week in July — then my second month of blogging will be through! Can’t wait to keep going.


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