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I love journals and planners and daily calendars — I had a Saffiano Personal Filofax for years, and after that, a few types of kikki.K personal planners. Admittedly, my daily usage is down lately (not being at a desk job changes things a bit), but there was a long period of my life where I would meticulously decorate each week with washi tape, stickers, and doodles. I wanted to get back into prepping my week in my paper planner, so I turned to the ever-helpful Pinterest and found a whole bunch of inspiration photos and journal ideas to get me in the mood to bust my kikki.K back out.


cactus themed planner

flower themed journal page


These first two photos are from Instagram user @MyPlanningAdventure — she uses a Carpe Diem planner. The first image is so dang cute with the minimal cactus theme, but man, oh man, I love the retro flower stickers on the second spread. The two images are about two years difference, and I like to see the changes in her style of decorating. So pretty. And look at the little sun and cloud clips on top!



filofax with pink tassel


I found this little week two-page spread on Pinterest and tracked it down to Catherina Amor’s page. What do you think? The color and the stickers aren’t completely my style (like the shoes and the nail polishes), but you know I love a fruit pattern, and I’m really inspired by the tall and vertical day layout. I wish I could zoom in a bit, because I see some tiny little girl stickers I think I would love. (Like the one under “work hard play hard” in the middle-right of the left page. What caught my eye was that beautiful tassel hanging off the top. Got me thinking… maybe I’ll make a pom pom to hang from mine.


stick with me shop planner


Alright, I’ve been out of the planner game for too long. This page design – by Instagrammer @stickwithmeshop – is featuring a book called The Happy Planner. Browsing their site for a minute, it seems like they created a binder to be used as part scrapbook and part planner. I’m very, very curious about these products … not enough to ditch my kikki.K, but enough to have piqued my interest. BACK TO THE PICTURE, though – this sticker set! The day layouts! Dying, so cute.


llama letters planner


This @llamaletters planner spread is such a good example of a nice AVERAGE week for Filofax decorating. A little above and beyond with doodling, some lettering practice, but mostly just the facts. I love seeing examples of planner weeks where you can tell the person actually used it on a daily basis. I like how the side has a little section for work / weather / dinner! I’m gonna add that in to mine! (Additionally, I think this is another planner brand that I’m not familiar with — Erin Condren’s Life Planner. Prettyyyy, pretty cute stuff.)


fancy kikki k


How fancy!! Abby at @carrots_corner is giving me EGL vibes with this planner in, FINALLY, a beautiful kikki.K book. Honestly, these stickers and decorations could be part of an Innocent World look book. The sleeping fox, the little key, the fabric bow. I 100% could never get a planner to look like this, but I enjoy drooling over it. I do love that floral tape next to the binder rings, though!


rainbow planner


Trust me on this, please visit @teresa_brooke on IG to see all of her amazing themes for her planners. I chose this one to feature, even though the pages themselves don’t do a whole lot for me, but because what’s sticking around on the edges. A lot of what I love about planners is all the extras and add-ons you accumulate over time. The yarn used in that tassel is literally my dream yarn (what is it?!), and I cannot get over that pom pom paperclip with tiny little dots glued to it. Plus, who can say no to a chibi felt Lumpy Space Princess.


fancy blue planner


Another planner not in my style, but another one that I’m in love with. Amanda at @happy_arty_days knows how to put together a layout and then some. I’m soooo excited to see all the crap (pardon) she has sticking out and hanging down from her planner. Little suitcases?! A pink glitter frappe? Strands of pearls?! Literally, it’s too cute. When I go back to my kikki.K, I’m going to go as extra as possible with my planner accessories.


artistic collage planner


There is a fine line between planners and art a lot of times, but this monthly layout blurs that line a bit more than usual. It looks like an amazing collage, mixed media, put together with different ideas, while in different moods, on different days with different tools.. Instagrammer Jane Lee is amazing. Her Insta account is full of amazing photography and even more lovely planner pics.


planner from 2014


Unfortunately, when I found this pin, I could not track down the original image, so please let me know if you know who this belongs to so I can give credit! It made me smile to see this was from 2014, because that was in the middle of my own personal craze for decorating planners. I love how this one is part planner and scheduler, and part diary. I also added in if I got sick, or my mood for the day, etc. I want to go to Kinokuniya so badly! And learn how to write in Korean!


black and pink planner


I chose to include this pin (from a now defunct Instagram) because of the monotone design. Sometimes you just don’t have a ton of markers or highlighters or stickers with you, sometimes you just have what you can attach to the planner, like a sharpie and one roll of tape. This theme is still so cute and artistic, with not a ton extra.


water intake journal


This little tab that I found in a bullet journal idea round-up post is a cuuuuute way to make sure you drink enough water during the day. LISTEN, I know bullet journaling is the newest thing in the world of planners, but I still haven’t gotten there yet. I kind of like the rigidity of the weekly & monthly calendar layouts, and having to design a journal and then update it is a bit daunting for me, but I really do love how much you can personalize them. You could 100% put this divider into your ringed binder and update every week!


calligraphy in planner


Here’s another two-week spread from Catherina Amor. Just look how beautiful her lettering is. Game Night? Watch TV? It’s so dang CUTE. One more picture that makes me want to add a tassel to my kikki.K. And just look at the matching watermelon pen and planner! I wonder how long it took for her to get her handwriting to look like that? So much practice, but so worth it!


black and white planner theme


Me & My Big Idea’s Happy Planner monochrome layout is just perfect. I have a couple rolls of washi that have white crosses on them and they’re some of my favorites – but those are blue with white and red with white… the black and white ones would be so nice. I even love the thick black binder rings in this planner. They seem very durable. I also love that she has postcards, envelopes, pictures, etc, shoved in her planner — something I often do.


two planners for one person


A look at two layouts for one person from The Happy Planner again. I’m not alone in the group of people who have accumulated more planners than they know what to do with. This shows how to use one for your kid’s schedule (could be anything, though, like job/workout/homework) and then running a simultaneous one for your own daily life. However, if you’re busy enough to need two planners, maybe you wouldn’t have time to update them both.. At least I wouldn’t!


using stickers in your planner


Alright, so the fact that the last few photos I shared were from The Happy Planner means that I probably should try one out, huh? Also, I loooove the little stickers!! Weekend project? What’s for dinner?! This one is so nice.


These pictures for sure got me back in the journal mood. Hopefully it helped you get some inspiration to break out the washi and the stickers, too!


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