DIY Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Pattern

crochet yoga mat pattern

If you take your yoga mat out and about — like to some classes at a studio — then it’s handy to have a bag for it. Plus, crocheters and other crafty DIY-ers barely need any excuse to start a new pattern. A bagless yoga mat? Perfect reason to buy some more yarn and get the hooks out!

I made this bag a few years back and had posted about it on my now-defunct old blog. With my yoga challenge nearing an end, I thought it would be a good idea to re-share this crochet project and share the free pattern that I used to create it.


DIY Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Pattern

crocheted yoga bag

I found the pattern on Ravelry, which lead me to a blog post on the Flying Toothbrush. (Wow!) This little spiral ladder yoga bag pattern was such a cinch to make. It took me less than a day to create and was really easy to figure out once I got started. It was a fun, mindless, hook-while-you-watch-TV type of project. Looking at this now, I want to make another one.. and another one… This would actually be a really great gift idea for all the yogis in your life!

For this project, I used an I-Hook and some Red Heart turquoise yarn that I had in my stash. I like the yarn I picked, buuuut – the pattern called for an 100% cotton yarn, which I kind of want to try next time instead of acrylic. Maybe it’d be a little more sturdy, but this isn’t so bad either. After having the bag for a few years, the strap is definitely getting longer and droopier after carrying it over my shoulder. A shorter strap in a sturdier yarn would do the trick, I bet.

What do you carry your yoga bag in? Nothing? A little velcro strappy thing? I want to see more patterns for yoga mat carriers!

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yoga bag crochet pattern

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