June 2018 Blog Report

monthly blog report

I started my blog again on June 6th, after not updating it since September of the year before. I am not quite sure why I took such a long break, but this month is the hardest I’ve worked on any blog I’ve had, and I’m glad I’m back to it. A lot of this month was laying out groundwork — posting, posting, posting to grow a base of solid content; pitching, pitching, pitching to get accepted to Pinterest group boards and Facebook groups; reading, reading, reading article after article after eBook trying to figure out the best strategies for me to gain traffic and make money. I’m very proud of what I accomplished in June, and I’m already starting to see the results kick in. July will be when everything starts falling into place.

I waffled back and forth on doing monthly reports. For now, I’m going to, just for my own records, but for the sake of honesty. I was inspired by Laura Inacu’s first income report, especially the point she made about showing this side of blogging, too. So many income reports you see on Pinterest boast thousands of thousands of dollars, but that’s not the case with everyone. Like I said, this month was the prep and hopefully next month is the start of it all.


June 2018 Blog Stats

Number of Posts: 36

  • Written: 32 (23 were in my yoga series.)
  • Reposted from old blog: 4


Pageviews: 5,051

google analytics page views



Most Viewed Posts: 


Top Traffic Sources:

  • Pinterest. I used the lessons taught in the Pinteresting Strategies eBook to begin manual pinning and joined a good amount of group boards. My summer crochet patterns post took off for a bit, and it made me excited to see what else I could do. I also signed up for the full version of Tailwind right at the end of the month to start auto-scheduling my pins to my group boards.
  • Facebook Groups. I joined a handful of niche-specific Facebook groups to share my blog posts in, such as pages aimed towards Asian cooking, yoga for scoliosis, and crochet.
  • Reddit. I shared my Japanese language resources post to the r/learnjapanese subreddit that I linked to in the post and I got hundreds of visits just from that.



Income: $3.47 (Google Ads)

  • Not really into this, but figured I might as well start with them up! I’d love to eventually not have Google Ads up on my page, or transition to Mediavine, but for now – I’ll throw a few banners up to see if I can make more than $3 next time.


Social Follower Counts:


Big Wins:

  • Started blogging again!
  • Signed up for Tailwind, implemented a new Pinterest strategy, and grew from 18K average monthly viewers on 6/11 to 79K on 6/30.
  • Was accepted to 34 Pinterest group boards after 20 days of outreach.
  • Began to network with other bloggers in Facebook groups, leading to a guest post opportunity.


July Goals:

  • Break 12,000 pageviews.
  • Earn enough money to buy a computer desk at IKEA so I don’t totally ruin any progress I made with my neck during my 30 days of yoga. (Around $130.)
  • Write 12 posts. (Not counting the remaining daily yoga posts.)
  • Master Tailwind and start utilizing Tribes.
  • Create an email list and plan strategy for it.
  • Write review posts on the eBooks I purchased: Pinteresting Strategies, How to Make an Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours, and Breaking the One Percent’s The Perfect Pin.
  • Continue research on affiliate marketing and eventually transition away from Google ads.


Here’s to a great July!

(Note: this post contains affiliate links.)


june 2018 blog report

2 thoughts on “June 2018 Blog Report

  1. Hi Maddy!
    Thanks so much for the shoutout. We would love to have you join us at Mediavine. Our threshold is 25k sessions within a 30 day period, which you’ll quickly reach if you keep creating great content like this!
    Good luck on your July goals and we’ll see you soon. 🙂
    — Susannah at Mediavine

    1. Susannah, thanks so much for the comment! I hope I’ll be reaching out to you guys sooner rather than later to work together. 🙂 Thanks!

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