Yoga for Scoliosis: Day 25

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Day two at CorePower Yoga is in the books! I went to bed a liiittle late last night, and even though I intended to wake up to make it for the 9 a.m. C1 class at the studio I went to yesterday, my bed was a little too cozy in the morning to get moving. It’s hard to get out of bed when it’s raining out and you don’t HAAAVE to be anywhere. Before I decided to laze around, I checked my phone — I saw that another CorePower about 15 minutes away had a Yin Yoga class at 2. Perfect!


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Yin Yoga was 100% what I needed today. Yesterday’s C1 class had a lot of chaturanga (high to low plank), and my shoulders and arms were feeling it! Like I said, it was so rainy and cozy, too, that I didn’t have too much ambition for a huge workout, but I wanted to do something. The description on the site said this:

This deeply meditative practice will draw you inward as seated and reclining postures get held for 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga stimulates the connective tissues slowly and safely which allows for blocked energy to be released. Toxins and tension will dissipate leaving you to feel light, spacious, and peaceful. Use as a complement to your active lifestyle or current Vinyasa Yoga study.

Sounds perfect, right?

This location is at one of my favorite parts of the Twin Cities and the space itself was just as nice as yesterday’s was. While yesterday’s class had about ten or so people, this one was pretty packed. Probably closer to 25 people in a small-ish studio. I walked in and it was very dark, with music playing, and the smell of incense. People were stretching and prepping, and I grabbed two blocks and rolled my mat out in the corner.

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I learned very quick that today’s personal focus was discipline. My mind could not stop wandering at the beginning of the practice. There were so many people there, there was a guy in front of me completely doing his own thing, and the holds in each of these poses were so long, that my body started to become more and more fidgety. However, after the first third, I was able to close my eyes and focus only on my breath and breathing into the deep stretches.

I left feeling high, really. It was such a deep, indulgent practice, and once I was able to relax my mind, I felt completely in the zone. I walked out of the studio with blurry eyes, loose hips, and a calm feeling. Yin Yoga is not something I would want to do every day as a yoga practice, but I could see doing it once a week as a mental reset and a step backwards to restore some space in my tight muscles.


Other Notes:

  • One thing, though, is that these poses mostly focused on hips and legs. We did ones like pigeon, half shoelace, and wide-angle seated forward fold. It did feel amazing, but as you know, thanks to my scoliosis, a lot of my tension is found in my upper body. I would love some deep, long stretches for that area.
  • My feet feel asleep in pigeon! Both sides!
  • Loved using the yoga blocks — my first time for those. I’ll have to get my own! They really came in handy during the seated forward folds. My hamstrings are so tight, that I’m not able to fold too far, so I stacked the blocks on top of each other and rested my forehead on them.


Namaste and see you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I am so so so so so not even close to being a medical professional and the same goes for being a professional yoga instructor. All I’m doing is journaling my personal experiences regarding my physical health and my yoga practice, please do not follow any of this instead of going to a physician yourself. I do not believe YouTube is a substitution for true medical care, but can be a supplement to what you and your doctor decide what’s best for you! 

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