11 Free DIY Spa at Home Recipes

Ever since I was little, I loved the idea of pampering myself. I remember sitting on my deck while I was 12 or 13 with a Seventeen Magazine, reading instructions on how to make a cooling lemon facial spray to use in the summer, and being so excited to try it and curious about what other at home bath and body type of products I could make on my own. With Lush being so popular, items like bath bombs, face masks, and sprays and balms are so easy to find, but sometimes, nothing beats just plain old doing it yourself. After researching homemade LUSH product recipes online, I came across so many fun spa items that I wanted to try. Here are 11 of my favorite DIY spa recipes that are at the top of my list. (And they’re all free!)


1. Strawberry Smoothie Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe

strawberry smoothie foaming salt scrub recipe

Free Recipe Here


I’m starting this list with something I normally wouldn’t gravitate to, but something about the real strawberries caught my attention. This is a foaming scrub that is meant to cleanse, exfoliate, and tone, and it looks like you need a handheld mixer to create it!



2. DIY Warming Sore Muscle Salve Recipe

diy sore muscle rub

Free Recipe Here


Peppermint, eucalyptus, black pepper, clove oil, and ginger — delicious sounding, but also super soothing. Melting everything all together with coconut oil and beeswax, this seems like a homemade Icy Hot type of product. It’s supposed to be tingly and relaxing. I need it, especially after trying Core Power Yoga for the first time!


3. DIY Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe

lavender vanilla sugar scrub instructions

Free Recipe Here


I’m afraid that this DIY round-up is going to heavily feature lavender, since it’s my all-time favorite scent. But, can you blame me for including this one? It takes FIVE minutes, and it’s super easy looking to make — then you just scrub scrub scrub over your face for a relaxing exfoliation.


4. DIY Rose Face and Body Cream Recipe

diy rose lostion

Free Recipe Here


This lotion sounds like it smells amazing – sweet almond oil, rosewater, and rose essential oils. Simple to make, applying this face cream to your skin seems like it would be so nice and soothing, especially without worrying about what other chemicals and alcohol-y ingredients were in it if it was store-bought.


5. DIY Peppermint Vanilla Bath Bombs Recipe

how to make a bath bomb

Free Recipe Here


Lavender sighting #2. I love Lush a lot. But, Lush is not super budget friendly always. Reading this guide on how to make your own bath bombs, I think I could try it! It’s just a matter of investing in some key ingredients and a mold, but after that, it seems so easy. Plus, how perfect of a gift?


6. DIY Homemade Peppermint Foot Cream Recipe

homemade peppermint foot cream

Free Recipe Here 


Well, ok. Maybe peppermint will be the theme of this list, too… I love the scent, so tingly and fresh. Foot creams are always something I WANT to use, but living in a house with a kitty cat, it’s not that easy. Kitty hair is a magnet to lotion, but I think that this would be a perfect gift item around the holidays, especially since it smells like a candy cane. Only four ingredients needed!


7. DIY Relaxing Flower & Milk Bath Tea Recipe

flower and milk bath tea

Free Recipe Here


Taking a flower and milk bath sounds so indulgent and luxurious. You basically make a tea sachet with essential oils, dried flower petals, and powdered milk, and let steep in the tub as you draw the water. Creamy and pretty, this would be another great gift to give or to keep for yourself to use after a long day.


8. DIY Peppermint & Eucalyptus Shower Melts Recipe

peppermint eucalyptus shower melt

Free Recipe Here


I’ve been getting over a cold, but have a lingering stuffy nose. These little shower tabs would be incredible for clearing out my sinuses. PLUS – not everyone has a bath, so this is a relaxing at home spa idea that people that only have a shower can use.


9. DIY Herb-Infused Balms Recipes

lavender balm recipe

Free Recipe Here 


Natural healing is A+ to me … I don’t love popping ibuprofen whenever my head is bothering me, but usually that’s all I have. This page gives a couple different recipes for herb-infused balms to help a few different ailments. Rose and chamomile for soothing, peppermint and lavender for headaches, and calendula for general healing. I’d love to have a few of those sitting around for when I need them.



10. DIY Lush Shower Jelly Recipe

lush copy cat diys

Free Recipe Here 


A Lush replica! Amazing! These are little soap gels, made with cute molds and body glitter. Just use them in the shower instead of a bar of soap to clean yourself up and smell like any essential oil that you want.


11. DIY Reusable Makeup Wipes Recipe

homemade face makeup wipes

Free Recipe Here


This last DIY on my at home spa list is a bit more practical than the rest. I use makeup wipes pretty regularly — but they’re all one use and straight into the trash after I use them to take my makeup off before I do the rest of my skin care routine. This post tells you how to make your own makeup wipes that you can wash and reuse as many times as you want. You use baby washcloths for the DIY and store them in a glass jar with a homemade cleansing solution that the blogger provides.


I have plenty of essential oils around the house and a lot of these DIYs only call for some basic ingredients and molds that you can find at Michaels or on Amazon, so I plan to make some of these recipes pretty soon! What about you? What type of at home spa treatments do you make for yourself? Let me know in the comments!



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