Yoga for Scoliosis: Day 19

drinking tea and doing yoga

Confession time: I missed yesterday. I had a fun (late) night on Saturday, which lead to a late start to the morning. I had a vintage market I wanted to go to, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. I took a nap for a bit, went out to get groceries, made and ate dinner, and then… it was time for bed. No yoga. BUT, I shall prevail. It’s 30 days of yoga, just done in 31 days. That’s fine!


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day Nineteen


As the title of this video may tell you, kaijumaddy herself is getting sick. I knew I didn’t want to miss today since I did yesterday, but I feel like a bad cold is on the way. I forced myself to go to the gym, and after I got home, I rolled out the mat immediately and found a short video. This video is from a channel I’ve never tried before, aaaaand I might not try again. It was FINE, but it wasn’t anything special. Some cat cows, a child’s pose, repeat, then neck and shoulder circles, then corpse pose. It felt nice, but it didn’t seem to be very focused on having a cold. I should have known better than to forsake my dear Adriene.


Other Notes:

  • I maybe fell asleep in savasana..
  • I’m drinking the same lemon cayenne tea from day seven!

Namaste and see you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I am so so so so so not even close to being a medical professional and the same goes for being a professional yoga instructor. All I’m doing is journaling my personal experiences regarding my physical health and my yoga practice, please do not follow any of this instead of going to a physician yourself. I do not believe YouTube is a substitution for true medical care, but can be a supplement to what you and your doctor decide what’s best for you! 

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