11 Free Boho Crochet Patterns

11 free boho crochet patterns for beginners

It seems like the boho trend never really disappears from the home decor and fashion world. Vintage clothes, festival fashion, DIY garments and decorations — so many things we see in stores are either inspired by the 60s and 70s or could be modified to fit into the style. (Ahem, Free People.) The best part of boho is that so many of the decor elements can be handmade, which really just adds to the authentic look. Summer time always makes me want to make more bohemian-inspired crafts, too — loose and flowing scarves, oversized bags, and rich colored rugs and blankets to lay out on your deck. So, in my search to find my next crochet WIP, I’ve found 11 free crochet patterns for fans of the boho trend that you can make yourself!


1. Lotus Mandala Duster Crochet Pattern

free boho mandala jacket pattern

Free Pattern Here


How beautiful?! I love this, so intricate and cozy looking. This pattern offers a couple different size options and can be made in so many different colorways. The author even includes a tutorial on reclaiming yarn from old sweaters, so this boho jacket can be truly vintage and handmade by you at the same time.


2. Boho Granny Square Pillows

boho granny square pillows

Free Pattern Here


Thanks Red Heart! I want a little boho attic in my house, with blankets on the ground and a Himalayan salt lamp and about a million of these pillows around the edges of the room. How cute would they be with pom pom edging? The cutest.



3. Boho Dreamcatcher Crochet Pattern

crochet dreamcatcher

Free Pattern Here


Dreamcatchers are a talisman used by the Ojibwe culture to protect users from bad dreams that may come at night. Ever since I was little, I loved the image of dreamcatchers — they are so beautiful and delicate. However, once I got older, I took the time to understand and learn the history and background of this item and their significance to Native American culture. If you decorate your space with one of these, please be respectful to the culture they come from and spend some time researching their roots on your own, as well.


4. Bohemian Blanket Crochet Pattern

boho blanket pattern

Free Pattern Here


This is the most delicious things I’ve seen in a long time, and this is the next project I want to start. The colors, the pattern, the design – exactly what I’m looking for. This was created as part of a crochet-a-long, so you can be sure that the step-by-step instructions will be clear and easy to follow. I recommend taking a look at the Ravely projects tab to get colorway inspiration from other crocheters.


5. Floor Pillow Crochet Pattern

diy floor pillow for boho house

Free Pattern Here


More floor pillows! This one looks so easy, but so nice. This pouf pattern was translated to English by the blogger since the pattern was so popular. The most interesting part of the pattern is that you weave in crochet chains made with scrap yarn through the DCs of the rows for extra stripe effects.


6. Feathers Tunisian Crochet Pattern

diy tunisian crochet feathers

Free Pattern Here


I still haven’t tried Tunisian crochet! I’ve been crocheting for probably almost seven or eight years now, but I still haven’t tried it. This summer — I swear it to myself! Plus, that gives me an excuse to buy more craft supplies like this set of Tunisian crochet hooks. I haven’t bought yarn or hooks for months!


7. Colorful Curtain Crochet Pattern

diy boho curtain crochet

Free Pattern Here


A delicate little curtain to hang! You could put it in front of a window, a closet door, or even just as a wall hanging. Photo credit to Ravelry user Grete3. I included this photo because I loved how she had the colors change from top down, instead of strip by strip.


8. Boho Tank Top Crochet Pattern

crochet boho tank top

Free Pattern Here


Using just a few granny squares, this pattern is a great start to try to make wearable garments. The color is spot on, too! Perfect to wear with some ripped denim shorts.


9. Aztec Rug Crochet Pattern

floor rug for a boho themed room

Free Pattern Here


Every boho room needs plenty of rugs on the ground. This little guy is adorable and could be modified so many ways to adjust size and color patterns to fit your room. I recommend getting some Gorilla Grip rug backing so it doesn’t slip all over the floor.


10. Lacy Boots Crochet Pattern

crochet boots pattern

Free Pattern Here


Wow! I want these, too. These boots are made by crocheting onto a pair of cheap flip flops. They turned out so amazing. If you want to go even further with the boho hippie style, add some feathers, extra yarn strands, or tassels to the tops. These look like they could be house shoes, too.


11. Urban Gypsy Bohemian Purse Crochet Pattern

boho purse diy

Free Pattern Here


This pattern teaches you how to construct this bag, add a lining, and create a strap. It’s so cute! This blogger has a whole tag for her boho crochet patterns, too. Definitely check those out.


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