Yoga for Scoliosis: Day 15

yoga for dancers

Today was a different day than the others so far in this yoga challenge. Most Wednesdays I go to dance practice a little over an hour away – so after work, I usually jump straight in my car with my Starbucks and head directly there, which is exactly what I did today. No time for yoga at home, though, since I don’t get home until after 11. SOOO – I asked my dance troupe members if I could lead stretch tonight, and.. instant daily yoga!


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day Fifteen

yoga for belly dance


It had to be a quick one since we have a performance coming up in a few weeks and we had a lot to practice, but it still did the trick. Some down dogs, some lunges, some supine figure fours, some ragdoll… all set to my newest ALL TIME ultimate favorite Spotify playlist that I found. Pure Moods Volume I & II – remember those amazing new age CD compilations that advertised on TV all the time in the early 90s? Someone made a Spotify playlist of them! My absolute favorite. I feel like those commercials had a lot to do with forming my interests in life. Bless.


Other Notes:

  • I’ve been in my dance troupe for eight years now! They’re absolutely my family.
  • It felt nice to lead stretch in front of other people today again after not teaching regularly for over a year.
  • My shoulders are KILLING me today. I had a headache for the most of the day, too, but I think I slept very soundly, which often causes that.

Namaste and see you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I am so so so so so not even close to being a medical professional and the same goes for being a professional yoga instructor. All I’m doing is journaling my personal experiences regarding my physical health and my yoga practice, please do not follow any of this instead of going to a physician yourself. I do not believe YouTube is a substitution for true medical care, but can be a supplement to what you and your doctor decide what’s best for you! 



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