Yoga for Scoliosis: Day 12

yoga at home for scoliosis pain

Can yoga heal scoliosis? Well, no, only surgery can correct a spine to be a straight line, but yoga can help strengthen the muscles in your back to reduce pain. This article from 2014 in Medical News Today says that there has been research done with evidence pointing to a reduction in curves in a large amount of patients who have practiced a forearm side plank — only on the weaker side of the body — for at least 90 seconds daily for about half a year straight. That’s great news and definitely gives me reason to be glad to have restarted my yoga practice. Along with all the mental benefits of yoga — anxiety and stress reliever, as well as stronger mindfulness — it’s nice to know there is concrete evidence of the exercise doing just what I hoped it could do.


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day Twelve


So, for the third time in my 12 days of yoga, I did Sarah Beth’s yoga for scoliosis routine. The weather has been in the 90s for a few days, but the AC is blasting in my house, so I brewed some tea, put on a sweater, and got on the mat. I have been doing the warrior II combo on the days where I haven’t been practicing to a video, but while being guided by Sarah Beth, I definitely am holding each pose a lot longer than I do when I’m on my own. And also, the dreaded forearm side plank. A few years back, I was getting pretty decent at plank/side plank, but I’m out of practice, and I NEVER did side plank on my forearm. However, after reading that medical article, I’m going to keep trying that every day to see what happens.


can yoga really heal scoliosis


Other Notes:

  • I felt in tune with my breath work today – I wasn’t distracted and my mind wasn’t wandering, and I was able to breathe in and out with every transition.
  • My left lower back has felt like a rib is out of line for the past day or so, so massaging my back muscles while laying on the ground with my knees hugged up felt sooo good.
  • I just love the shoulder burn I feel after this video. Feels productive.


Namaste and see you tomorrow!


Disclaimer: I am so so so so so not even close to being a medical professional and the same goes for being a professional yoga instructor. All I’m doing is journaling my personal experiences regarding my physical health and my yoga practice, please do not follow any of this instead of going to a physician yourself. I do not believe YouTube is a substitution for true medical care, but can be a supplement to what you and your doctor decide what’s best for you! 

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