7 Summer Beauty and Skin Care Essentials Under $30

skin care for the summer

Minnesota winters can be brutal on my skin, but summers can be just as damaging. The humidity mixed with the harsh air conditioning can leave my skin and hair a fun mix of greasy and dried out. The change of the seasons always gets me excited to change up my beauty routine, but there are some products that I just HAVE to use if I want to feel good during these 90+ degree days. Here are some goodies that I’ve found that I’m absolutely loving so far this summer.


IGK First Class Dry Shampoo

igk dry shampoo

Buy at Sephora.com | $27


The rise of the popularity of dry shampoo in recent years is one of my all-time favorite beauty milestones. I’ve tried many different brands and types of dry shampoo, but this IGK Charcoal Detox is no joke. This stuff is for the days where you feel like all the humidity in the atmosphere has come to live in your hair. When I spray this in, all the moisture immediately gets sucked up and my hair has volume again, but it’s not chalky or obvious. If you’re looking for something heavy duty, this can is for you.


A’PIEU Steam Eye Mask

Buy on Amazon | 5 for $10


While a heated item might seem counter-intuitive for a post about summer products, I just can’t get enough of this mask, and when I saw these in store, the price was right to try it out. Plus, Korean skin care and beauty products are always good to have in your cabinet. These masks are kind of like the hand warmers you can keep in your pocket during the winter, but in a face mask form (including ear straps to attach to your face!). After a whole day of the bright, bright sun, my blue eyes get so tired; lying in bed at night, I put one of these suckers on, and the heat and pressure on my face felt so relaxing and so amazing. Honestly, just try them. I’m in love.


LUSH Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

lush don't look at me face mask

Available in LUSH stores only | $13.95


Lemon juice, rice milk, murumuru butter… this mask is amazingly creamy and revitalizing. It smells so fresh, and the fact that it must be stored in the fridge makes the thought of using it that much more appealing on a hot summer day. I picked this up the other day and it’s become one of my favorite face masks I’ve bought at LUSH ever. After washing it off, my face felt like it had NO yucky oil weighing it down, and my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth.


Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray

mario badescu rosewater facial spray

Buy on Amazon.com | $7


Chances are that, if you are interested in skin care at all, or if you’ve watched any beauty YouTube videos, you’ve either tried Mario spray or have been recommended a Mario product at some point. The rosewater facial spray is a staple in so many beauty roundups, but I couldn’t help but include it in mine, too. I honestly don’t know how much that this spray actually DOES for my skin, but it’s such a perfect little finishing touch to my routine that always helps me feel extra pampered. SUMMER TIP: I store this puppy in the fridge now. Get home from working outside or running errands and feeling heated? Pull it out of the fridge and give yourself a few spritzes. Instant refresher.


OUAI Wave Spray

ouai wave spray

Buy on Amazon.com | $18 for Travel Size


Beachy waves! The heavy air and humid atmosphere makes my light hair limp and blah. This amazing smelling spray is a lifesaver. I spritz a few sprays of the mist into my hair after I wash it and let it air dry. It adds texture and a bit of volume to my hair, which holds up throughout the day. OUAI (pronounced “way”) is not the cheapest product line out there, but I would definitely recommend trying out a sample or travel size of this if you can. I also love the volume spray they have, too.


Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller

rose quartz crystal roller

Buy at SkinGymCo.com | $28


THIS is my favorite. This face massager made with beautiful rose quartz is the ultimate in summer beauty pampering. The crystal parts are naturally cool, so as you roll this on your face, you feel instantly refreshed, any puffiness should start to diminish, and your pores will tighten. There are other great health benefits to the crystals, but just even in a superficial way, I feel like a beautiful witch when I incorporate this into my daily routine. Follow the company’s official Instagram for more tips, inspiration, and customer videos on use.


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

vaseline for summer skin care

Buy on Amazon.com | 2 for $7


Lastly, the most GLAMOROUS item on this list…. Vaseline. Listen. I know it’s just boring old goo, but this stuff gets me through some rough skin moments every month of the year. I mentioned earlier, but air conditioning is AWFUL on my skin during the summer. I’ll be oily and greasy, but I’ll also notice that my classic trouble spots are just as dried out underneath the oil. (Sorry, gross.) After my nightly routine, after I wash and tone and everything, I end by applying Vaseline on TOP of my moisturizer for extra attention. I slather my lips with the stuff, too, before I go to bed. Seriously, this stuff is a miracle.


What products do you live and die by during the hot months? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments!


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