How To Use Trello to Organize Your Blog

trello as a blog tool

I was first introduced to Trello a few years ago when I worked at my office job. A few of us who worked on photo shoots together used it as a tool that was partly project management and partly a shared inspiration board. The jist of it is this: on your Trello board, you can add LISTS, and then in each list, you add CARDS (which are more specific tasks related to your list title), and within that, you can add comments, images, descriptions, checklists, and links to the card for more info. Trello is great for those who work visually; you’re able to see what all needs to be done at any given time for what section you’re working with. AND it’s free.

Later, I created a Trello board that I shared with my husband and close friend to help plan our recent Tokyo trip. We had a list that had all the travel details — for example, there was a card for the inbound flight, there was a card for the outbound flight, there was a card with our Airbnb info, etc. There was also a list of restaurants we wanted to go to, a list for any events that were happening when we were there, and a list of ideas of day trips. It really came in handy when we were actually on vacation. If we had some free time with no plan, we could just check to see what ideas we added to our Trello for some suggestions.


Trello for Bloggers

Since I restarted recently, I also restarted my Trello page that I created to help plan my blog. I want to share with you guys what I have going on there because, so far, it’s really helped me stay on track with what I want to accomplish both long and short term. Here is a peek of what my page looks like now and an explanation of each of my lists.


how to use trello for bloggers


General To Dos

Just like the list title suggests, these are general blog upkeep tasks that I want to complete that AREN’T “write blah blah blah blog post.” A lot of these have to do with marketing, such as posting to certain Facebook groups, create pins, and join group boards. (One that is missing is to research Tailwind!)


Blog Topic Ideas

This is pretty much a free-for-all brainstorm list. Whenever I have ANY idea for a future blog post, I’ll add it to this list. Even if I think it’s stupid or off-brand, I’ll add it. I’ll go back through it here and there and either edit the topic to fit my blog better or get rid of it all together. Within some of the cards, I’ll add some extra details if I don’t want to forget anything. Here is an example of a card I’ve jotted some notes to:


trello card for blog posts


So the concept of the post would be my favorite beauty items so far this month. But, I didn’t want to forget just which items made me think about writing that post in the first place, so I added a description with them in it. Pretty simple, right? But SO nice when I go to write the post, and that outline is there for me already. As you can see, you can add checklists, due dates, and labels to the cards. I haven’t yet, but not a bad idea!



Blogs In Process

Just what the title says! I move the cards from the Blog Topic Ideas list straight over to this list. You can just drag and drop from this dashboard. This is a nice list to have so I can see how many plates I have spinning at once, be it one larger post or a whole series, like my yoga challenge one.


Actually Helpful Sites/Posts

This list is mostly just a bookmarks list. If anyone has explored Pinterest for blog-related pins, you’ll soon learn that there are a lot of posts that are kind of non-content. Great post names, but you click through and they’re either just full of some basic tips you’ve seen everywhere else or not even related to the blog post title at all. These are posts that I’ve found that ARE actually useful and/or topics that I want to go back to research a bit more.


trello board inspiration


Finished Posts & Finished Tasks

I drag all finished cards into these two lists. Pretty nice to see what I’ve accomplished!


Shelved Ideas

The last list on my board is all ideas that I put in the “Blog Topic Ideas” list and eventually decided against. Instead of just deleting all the blog posts I changed my mind on writing, I added them to this list so that, maybe in the future, I could rework the idea into something on-brand or maybe even consider writing it and pitching it out as a guest post for another blog.


Examples of Trello Boards

There are so, so, so many ways that you can use Trello to stay organized in your life, such as wedding planning, writing a novel, hunting for a new job, and balancing your budget. Here are some Trello board inspiration links that I’ve found to give you some ideas on how you can use this free tool.

How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello [Lifehacker] \\ Trello Inspiration [Trello] \\ Trello Tricks for Teams [Hubspot] \\ 10 Unique Uses of Trello Other Than Project Management [MakeUseOf] \\ 5 Tips for Using Trello to Get Sh*t Done [NewCo Shift]


Have you used Trello? I’ve always been a pen + planner + washi tape kind of girl, but this is one online organizer that I’ve actually stuck to and used. What do you use your boards for? I wanna see and hear about it!

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  1. We use Trello for work and not until recently did I think to use it for my blog I’m starting but I’m super excited to try it out!

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