11 Free Crochet Patterns for Summer 2018

FREE crochet patterns for hot weather

Now that we’re well into summer, it’s time to dust off those crochet hooks and get back to work. The AC may be running or you might have your windows propped open to feel that hot breeze blow through, but either way, a little heat can’t stop you from digging out your yarn stashes and counting those HDCs. Here are 11 free crochet patterns I found that are perfect for summer – light-weight, quick, and useful finished products that you’ll actually want to use after you weave in your last stitch. (No scarves!!)


1. Sweet Daisies Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


Such sweet, dainty little flowers! What a great project to have with you on the couch as you binge the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix. AKA this is my plan for this weekend. What would you do with those daisies? I want to make 34783439 and sew them to the front of a tote bag.



2. Crochet Floor Pouf (With Liner) Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


Summers are for lounging inside with the shades drawn, air conditioner cranked, and video game marathons. This pouf looks like the PERFECT big and comfy pillow to lean up against as you’re sitting on the floor, cruising through F-Zero. OR, it’s perfect for resting your legs on top of while you’re slouched on the couch playing Castlevania on your 3DS. I love the liner, too!


3. Colorblock Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern HereĀ 


Looking to hit up some farmer’s markets this summer? Whenever I go, I always forget to bring a bag along with me to pack up all the treats. These are really pretty and look like they would be great for lugging away fruits, cans of pickled things, and fresh flowers.


4. Ropey Rainbows Basket Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


I for SUUURE need to try this one. Look how sturdy! That’s a basket that’ll actually support itself and hold things in the way that it’s meant to! Even just looking at the base of the basket is blowing my mind. The method to creating this basket is to stitch around thick rope. (Here’s some rope I found on Amazon that looks like it would do the trick! I’d love to crochet bright colors over a black rope to see the effect.) I want it now.


5. Viola Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


A dainty little mandala — I can picture it perfectly on top of my white dresser with a succulent and a tea light on it. Something about crocheting circular doilies is so relaxing to me, and the colors in this pattern are perfect.


6. Sleeping Dog Rug Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern HereĀ 

With a little help from Google Translate and a lot of help from the beautiful charts provided in this blog, this sleeping bulldog rug would be a cinch to make. I want one for my room…


7. Summer Sling Tote Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


Crochet and straw bags are everywhere right now — Free People, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Target… This simple and sturdy boho bag fits right into the current trend. I would make it in a lighter color, though, like an off-white, light pink, or brighter tan.


8. Finnish Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


So I said only summer patterns, BUT… those of you who have made granny square blankets know how far in advance you have to start working on one to be able to enjoy it by the cold weather. Besides, for the most part, all you’re doing is making hundreds of motifs and weaving in hundreds of ends, which is a perfect small project. This Finnish granny square style is so pretty.


9. Granny Square Crop Top Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


CUTE! Little crochet and knit halters are also incredibly on trend right now, and I love this little thing. It looks super simple and quick to make, plus I’m a sucker for grannies. I would definitely sew some fabric as a liner behind it for some extra reinforcement, though, just for my own comfort level.


10. Sprouting Oddish Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


Is this not the cutest amigurumi you’ve ever seen?! I LOVE Oddish and I love his little leaves on the top of his head and I love his little pink cheeks! I want to make this and I usually am not drawn to amigurumi patterns the past few years. But this is a Pokemon amigurumi, so that’s a different story. I’m making this, just have to find that perfect shade of yarn for his body. Maybe Vanna’s Choice Sky Blue? I have to have some of that somewhere.


11. Lovebird Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here


Lastly, this sweet little washcloth. Another pattern to finish in an afternoon or on a long car ride during a summer road trip. I think of all the patterns I listed here, I’m going to try this one first, just because it’s so pretty, you can always use more washcloths around the house, and it won’t take long at all!


Which of these patterns do you want to try first? What type of projects do you usually take on during the summer months? I know some people that are busy crocheting Christmas stockings all summer, but then others who let the time of year inspire what they make! Let me know in the comments below.


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