Yoga For Scoliosis: Day 3

Today was secretly a heavy day. Secret in the way that little things kept building up and building up, but I wasn’t paying attention or letting it affect me until I was laying in savasana at the end of today’s yoga practice, suddenly crying to my own surprise. I had been up since five, spent my entire shift at work running around like a headless chicken trying to get 30 hours worth of worked jammed into only eight, but I had sad news from a friend the day before weighing on my mind and then a notification on my phone about Anthony Bourdain. It isn’t a secret that I wasn’t a major fan of his — I’ve told people before that I thought he was too mean or too pretentious — but over the years, I had grown to respect him and what he did for humankind in regards to cultural awareness and taking time to learn about all people and how they lived. I didn’t think the news of his passing would affect me so tremendously until I got home and scrolled through Twitter, seeing thread after thread after thread from celebrities, chefs, presidents, and regular people from all over the world who he had changed and who were mourning.

When I was driving home, I told myself that if I lounged on the couch after work, I would probably fall asleep, so I decided to roll my mat out as soon as possible. I put my phone down and went through a new video I picked because I liked the pose on the thumbnail, and went through the thirty minutes. My mind wandered at first (and Chester did, too), but I was able calm my thoughts fully partway through the routine. It was the perfect mix of physically comforting and challenging, and with a clear mind, I was able to focus on this sadness I felt.

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day Three


Reach out to your loved ones when you think of them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a rough day, but an “I love you” text from my mom has turned it around. If you think of someone you miss or something reminds you of a funny story or a crazy time or something that makes you smile, let them know. Everyone has so much stuff going on in their lives, we’re all busy, we all work too much and have chores to deal with and meals to plan and we all are trying to make the time for ourselves and others and the gym and enough sleep, but thirty seconds to send a text is something we can manage to take the time to do. Reaching out and telling someone you love the earth a bit better because they are in it is something that is always worth the time it takes to do.

Other Notes:

  • I wasn’t prepared for this routine to have ab crunches.
  • Turn off Twitter if you don’t think you need to be on Twitter for a night.
  • My hamstrings and hips were intensely tight after a day of work, and the lunges felt so good, but supta baddha konasana did not.
  • I did not intend to get so serious so early on in this yoga/blog challenge, but thanks for bearing with me on day three.

Namaste and see you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I am so so so so so not even close to being a medical professional and the same goes for being a professional yoga instructor. All I’m doing is journaling my personal experiences regarding my physical health and my yoga practice, please do not follow any of this instead of going to a physician yourself. I do not believe YouTube is a substitution for true medical care, but can be a supplement to what you and your doctor decide what’s best for you! 

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