7 Free Crochet Patterns For Fall 2017

free autumn crochet patterns 2017

The weather is getting chillier, it’s starting to get darker earlier, and people are starting to settle into their autumn routines. Fall is the best time for crocheting, in my opinion. To celebrate my favorite season, here are seven free crochet patterns I’ve found that are inspiring me this September. I hope you find something that you wanna throw on the hooks!

Amigurumi Bat Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Bat ToyFree Pattern Here

My confession is that I do not have much patience for amigurumi. I think they’re so cute and I like crocheting them just fine, but I’m not the biggest fan of joining all the pieces together and sewing faces and other details on. These bats might have me reconsidering, though. They’re made with pipe cleaners in the wings and the feet, so you can adjust the wings so the bat is hugging itself and hang them upside-down from their little tootsies. I love these!

Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern
Lace Crochet Shawl

Free Pattern Here

This is a dainty and relatively simple looking shawl that I think would be perfect to wear around your neck as a large scarf OR, if you’re me, around your waist as a hip scarf while belly dancing. It’s cute in white, but for fall, I’d try it in a light grey, navy, or even mustard. Or lavender!

Farmer’s Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Farmers Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Here

Just like crochet, fall makes me want to cook, cook, cook and bake, bake, bake. There’s nothing like walking around a farmer’s market, coffee in hand, bundled up a bit for the first time since spring, and finding yummy treats that you’ll take home and cook immediately. This tote is a great size to toss in veggies or jars of pickle relish or maybe some scones that someone else already baked and that’s okay because you can snack on those for inspiration for the next thing YOU want to bake. My tip: make the straps a bit shorter than you think. Bags like this tend to stretch, especially if you plan to fill it up.

Sweet Macaron Blanket Crochet Pattern

Circle Crochet Blanket

Image Source | Free Pattern Here [Video]

Ok, this one looks tedious af, but it also looks worth it. The image above looks like Froot Loops, but for fall, try another color palette. OR, be on top of things, and start a Christmas blanket now so it’ll be ready for the holidays. The video linked above is not in English, but you should be able to figure it out just by watching or, if you scroll through the comments, there should be write-ups of the pattern. The video also shows how to attach the motifs. Also very tedious looking.

Southwestern Blanket Crochet Pattern

Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

Free Pattern Here

I’ve never made a corner-to-corner blanket before! This one looks so pretty AND also a great stash-buster. I love the colors in the one above, but think it could look really nice in a monochrome theme – keep the white for the main color, but have black and shades of grey for the diamonds. The pattern above includes a video on the corner-to-corner technique, as well as a chart for the blanket itself.

Vintage Fan Ripple Crochet Pattern

Fan Ripple Crochet Blanket

Image Source | Free Pattern Here

I have seen this pattern forever and I’ve never ever tried it. It’s a perfect transition pattern from summer to fall – nice and airy, not super dense or heavy, and from what I’ve heard, it works up quickly. I love this color theme from @thewhistlingbluebird, but this is another one that I might try in Christmas colors. White and red! (I’m ready for Christmas time, can you tell?)

Snowfall Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

Snowflake Slouchy Crochet Hat

Free Pattern Here

I’m in Minnesota, so nights get colder a little earlier here than other places. This hat would be perfect to throw on when you go to a football game or out on a walk before the sun goes down or if you run out for breakfast early in the AM. The little snowflakes look like hearts, too. I’d probably replace that fuzzy, feather pom-pom with a real one. (See my tutorial here!) Or replace it with TWO like cute fluffy ears.


So, what projects are you working on now? What do you have in the wings? I’m currently working on a gingham blanket, so stay tuned to see that as I make progress! After that? DEFINITELY that fan ripple throw. I’m in love…

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