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Crochet Bunny Coaster Pattern

Sometimes, coasters are the most perfect sized pattern you can find. There’s nothing like finally weaving in that last end on a blanket that’s taken nearly a year, but on the other hand.. it’s pretty satisfying to start and finish a project in less than an hour. To show my love of one hour projects and coasters, I came up with this little blue bunny coaster pattern that I want to share with you! It is my first original pattern, so please let me know if anything is funky.

What You Need:

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn in Blue Cupcake – or any worsted color you want
  • Small amounts of worsted yarn in brown, pink, yellow
  • H-hook
  • Embroidery Needle

Stitches Used:

  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Slip Stitch (sl st)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Single Crochet Decrease (sc2tog)

Gauge does not matter for this project. I did crochet a little tighter than usual to keep the shape formed.

Body (Make One)

  1. Start with magic loop. Here is a great tutorial video on magic loops.
  2. Chain 2 into magic loop (counts as first dc). 11 dc into ring. Pull the magic loop tight and sl st to beginning chain to close. (12 stitches total)
  3. Chain 2 (counts as first dc). dc in same stitch as chain. 2 dc in each stitch around. sl st to beginning chain to close. (24 stitches total)
  4. Chain 2 (counts as first dc). dc in same stitch as chain. 1 dc in next stitch, * 2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next stitch** repeat from * until end. sl st to beginning chain to close. (32 stitches total)
  5. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Ears (Make Two)

  1. Chain 5, leaving a long tail to sew ears onto body later.
  2. sc in second chain from hook. sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  3. 4 sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  4. 4 sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  5. 4 sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  6. 4 sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  7. 4 sc across. ch 1 and turn. (4 sc total)
  8. sc2tog twice. (2 sc total)
  9. Fasten off and weave in top end.

Sew ears onto the body. I spaced the ears two dc apart. I also stitched once across and then once back again to make sure the ears were secure. Weave in end in the back of your work.

See? Two stitches apart for maximum cuteness.


Next is the face! This is where the scraps come in, so use whatever you have on hand! I used a chocolate brown for the eyes and mouth, light pink for the nose, and a lemon-y yellow/the same light pink for the bows. You can also create any expression or face you want; this is what I came up with:

With your embroidery needle, sew the eyes on first – just a little bit below center. Thread the yarn from the front to the backside, leaving a long-ish tail to use for the eyelashes. See photo for reference.

I sewed two lines for each eye, so they were a little thicker. After completed, I threaded the yarn back up to the front side of your work (just a little to the side of the original stitching, so it doesn’t undo). Then, tie the two ends in a knot and trim to desired bunny-lash length!


  • For the nose: Use pink and sew three horizontal lines into a triangle.
  • For the mouth: Use brown and sew an upside down V, connecting to the bottom of the triangle.
  • For the bow: Just make a bow and sew it onto the ear with another piece of scrap yarn. That’s pretty, simple, right?

That’s it! Weave in the ends on the back of your work from the nose, mouth, and bow, and you’re all done. You could also make a bunch of these and sew them onto a chain-string for a bunny-bunting. Maybe I’ll do that next! The coaster reason is nice, though, because you can use one of the ears as a spot for your spoon to rest.


I hope this makes sense and that you enjoy the little bunny motifs. It is simple, but like I said, it is my first pattern for something like this, so please write in the comments what you thought! If there are any errors or confusion, let me know and I’ll try to clear it up. Show me pictures of your bunnies, too!

Note: This post was originally published on my previous, now defunct, blog.

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