Witchcraft Resources of the Week #1

pyrite uses

I’m starting a new series on my blog featuring news and articles that I find that deal with “witchy things” — aka, anything to do with the metaphysical, paranormal, and healing worlds. I’ll share blog posts that I find interesting and helpful, for being who are practicing witches or who are looking to learn more.Read more

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Weekly Link Round Up #5

cranberry clay face mask

How’s August going? Mine is FLYING BY — I feel like I have something to do every minute. Here’s hoping I get a few easy nights here soon because September looks to be just as busy.  Don’t worry, though — I still had time to find the best links and articles to share with youRead more

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Weekly Link Round Up #4

This last week was crazy! I’m in a very busy season at work, I had a dance performance on Wednesday, and my back pain decided to flare up. However, I did get some good blog browsing time in. Hopefully, these articles and posts interest you as much as they did me!   (Header image creditRead more

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Weekly Link Round Up #3

moon shelves

Another Sunday, time for my THIRD weekly link round up! July is almost through… it’s always sad to have summer go so fast, but I’m a fall baby, and I’m ready for chilly breezes and heavy sweaters. I know I’m rushing, though — we still have August! While I’m busy planning my autumn wardrobe, hereRead more

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Weekend Link Round Up #2

Happy Sunday! It feels like it was a lot longer than just a week since I published last week’s roundup. Since then, I’ve found a few new blogs to follow. I spent a little less time on my blog — work is really crazy with back to school coming up, I have a dance performanceRead more

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Weekend Link Round Up #1

roses for herbal tea

I made a deal with myself to commit to my blog fully for a few reasons: 1. blogging is something I love and I hadn’t been making time for it, 2. I want the writing practice, since I don’t do it anymore during my day job, and 3. I’m challenging myself to actually monetize aRead more

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