16 Free Spring Crochet Patterns

free crochet patterns for spring

When the weather even HINTS at warming up a little bit, I find myself scouring Pinterest for some spring crochet patterns. After months of heavy blankets, thick scarves, and chunky hats, it’s nice to lighten up your projects a little bit. While Minnesota hasn’t quite gotten the memo about spring weather yet (hello 5″ ofRead more

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Witchcraft Resources of the Week #1

pyrite uses

I’m starting a new series on my blog featuring news and articles that I find that deal with “witchy things” — aka, anything to do with the metaphysical, paranormal, and healing worlds. I’ll share blog posts that I find interesting and helpful, for being who are practicing witches or who are looking to learn more.Read more

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16 Christmas Crochet Patterns

christmas crochet patterns

Happy holiday hooking, guys! Now that my other favorite season of crochet projects is over, it’s time for the main event: Christmas. Yes, some may say it’s a little early to start decorating and celebrating (and while I love the holiday more than many people, I do agree that November 1st is not the timeRead more

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Christmas Crochet Patterns: Snowflake Afghan

snowflake granny square blanket crochet pattern

Like baking sweet treats, creating Christmas crochet projects takes up a lot of my time once Halloween is over. Sure, the first of November might be a bit early to think about Christmas, but when it comes to practicing cookies and cakes — and making lots of presents and ornaments and blankets — you haveRead more

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Puff Stitch Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

puff stitch slouchy beanie crochet pattern

Do you follow @the.hook.nook on Instagram? She’s a crochet pattern designer who makes the most amazing looking, comfy, soft, chunky projects — big sweaters, oversized scarves, comfy blankets and pillows, and warm hats. I found her Instagram last winter and I instantly fell in love. After browsing her Etsy and Ravelry pages, I decided onRead more

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13 Halloween Crochet Patterns

Less than two months away until Halloween! That’s ample time to bust out your crochet hooks and your black, white, and orange yarn to start making some perfectly cute and creepy Halloween crochet projects. I’ve found 13 of the best patterns around the internet featuring some of my new favorite crochet patterns. I’ve skipped someRead more

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Halloween Crochet Patterns: Ghost Doily

free halloween crochet patterns

I love this time of year. My favorite season runs from September 1st to about the middle of January. All the best holidays are there, all the best food, weather, smells, movies, etc. MY BIRTHDAY. This long chunk of months at the back half of the year starts with one of my very, VERY favoriteRead more

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13 Bullet Journal Ideas for Back to School

The best bullet journal ideas are the ones that help you keep your life in order. There’s no better time of year to be organized than the fall — sure, New Years is like the quintessential time for starting new and making productive resolutions, but to me, I think the Back to School season isRead more

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9 Fall Crafts (That Are Actually Cool)

Here’s the thing — I really love fall. I love Halloween, I love the weather, I love the fashion, I love everything about it. What I DON’T love is the overabundance of Pinterest-y, rustic, shabby chic crafts that take over DIY websites and boards this time of year. Burlap, mason jars, and wooden pallets  justRead more

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14 DIY Friendship Bracelet Patterns

When you were little, you didn’t need friendship bracelet patterns. Somehow you just KNEW how to make them. It was just ingrained in your mind how to braid, where to knot, and which order to put the colored thread. Now, years and years have gone by, technology has changed, and so has the availability ofRead more

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