12 Amazingly Deliciously Starbucks Copycat Recipes

easy starbucks copycat recipes

Ever since I got a new job last year where a Starbucks is located LITERALLY up the stairs from where I work, my coffee budget has gone through the roof. I work so early in the morning, so every minute extra in bed counts. It’s so much easier to just order my iced americano fromRead more

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16 Christmas Crochet Patterns

christmas crochet patterns

Happy holiday hooking, guys! Now that my other favorite season of crochet projects is over, it’s time for the main event: Christmas. Yes, some may say it’s a little early to start decorating and celebrating (and while I love the holiday more than many people, I do agree that November 1st is not the timeRead more

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Christmas Crochet Patterns: Snowflake Afghan

snowflake granny square blanket crochet pattern

Like baking sweet treats, creating Christmas crochet projects takes up a lot of my time once Halloween is over. Sure, the first of November might be a bit early to think about Christmas, but when it comes to practicing cookies and cakes — and making lots of presents and ornaments and blankets — you haveRead more

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