How to Use Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder Tool for Instagram

how to use tailwind for instagram

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.   As you may know, I use and love Tailwind for Pinterest. I’ve written about the tool in my post about how I greatly increased my Pinterest monthlyRead more

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August 2018 Blog Report

august blog report 2018

My third month officially blogging at is in the books! While I feel like I did less work on my blog in August, I think it was a very successful month. I’m starting to see steady and sustainable increases in traffic which I think is thanks in part to the Pinterest strategy I’ve beenRead more

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Housekeeping: A Couple Blog Notes

Hi everyone! I wanted to just post a couple bits of housekeeping of a few things that I’m pretty excited about! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, shared, commented, tweeted, liked, talked about, humored me, etc. I’m pretty proud so far of what I’ve been building and I can’t wait to seeRead more

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July 2018 Blog Report

july 2018 monthly blog report

It feels like so much longer than a month since I wrote my last blog report! This month was definitely full of some ups and downs blog-wise, but I feel like I’m making a lot of progress towards getting my blog to where I want it to be, traffic and monetization-wise. While last month wasRead more

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Tools for Bloggers: 7 Essential Resources for Beginners

I first started an actual blog (not a LiveJournal) about six or so years ago. Back then, I didn’t look into many tools for bloggers online. I wrote my posts like it was a journal, only posted when I was struck by inspiration, and basically did nothing to promote my blog. I had a lotRead more

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How To Get Your Post to Rank on Google

seo tips for bloggers

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to write a guest post explaining SEO tips for bloggers to be featured on My Twenty Cents. I was able to connect with Janet on the Facebook group page Blog + Biz Babes and after a couple of chats back and forth, we settled on a topic, deadline, and otherRead more

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How I Increased My Pinterest Monthly Views from 18K to 144K in 3 Weeks: Two Strategies

increase your pinterest views

(Head’s up: this post contains a few affiliate links! That means that if you click any of the links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you at all. This will help me continue to run this blog!)  The landscaping of blog marketing has changed in the past fiveRead more

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June 2018 Blog Report

monthly blog report

I started my blog again on June 6th, after not updating it since September of the year before. I am not quite sure why I took such a long break, but this month is the hardest I’ve worked on any blog I’ve had, and I’m glad I’m back to it. A lot of this monthRead more

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6 Things You Have To Do After You’ve Started Your Blog

things to do after you start a blog

Alright. You’ve done all the prep work it takes to start a blog. You’ve come up with your website’s name, you’ve registered for a domain, and you’ve signed up for all the relevant social media accounts with your brand. So… now what to do after you start a blog? (Besides start writing blog posts.) ThereRead more

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5 Ways To Come Up With Click-Worthy Blog Post Ideas on a Consistent Basis

Alright, so you have your blog all created, the theme is perfectly set up, you’ve crafted and cultivated your images, your social media accounts are locked down, your fonts are downloaded… but, you have an empty website. At the end of the day, all the optimizing and prep-work is for nothing if you don’t haveRead more

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