12 Amazingly Deliciously Starbucks Copycat Recipes

easy starbucks copycat recipes

Ever since I got a new job last year where a Starbucks is located LITERALLY up the stairs from where I work, my coffee budget has gone through the roof. I work so early in the morning, so every minute extra in bed counts. It’s so much easier to just order my iced americano fromRead more

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Quick and Easy Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe

chicken burrito bowl recipe

So, for the past few years, the weeknight dinner staple at our house has been “apples, meat, and cheese.” After a long day of work – and after HOPEFULLY hitting the gym – I rarely feel like cooking a full meal, so cut up apples, sliced salami and prosciutto, and chunks of Havarti have becomeRead more

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15 Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Recipes

15 anti inflammatory turmeric recipes

After learning about how amazing turmeric is, I started looking into turmeric recipes to incorporate the spice into my cooking. I first started researching turmeric a few years back when I was trying to find more natural ways to deal with my scoliosis and the pain that comes with it. Reading about the root, IRead more

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Thai Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe – (Tom Kha Gai)

how to make thai chicken noodle soup at home

One of my very favorite things to make year-round is soup — I love smelling all the ingredients simmering together on the stove top, I love cooking a huge batch early in the day and having little bowl after little bowl for lunch, dinner, and late night snack, and I love experimenting with new flavorsRead more

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Menya Musashi Ramen in Shinjuku, Tokyo

menya musashi ramen in shinjuku tokyo

The number one new food we found during our 2014 trip to Japan was Menya Musashi in Shinjuku. After we came home from our last time in Tokyo, I really regretted not finding and eating more ramen in the city. Which is weird, because, well – ramen is all over. So this time around, IRead more

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Ramen Egg (Ajitsuke Tamago) Recipe

how to cook ramen eggs

There are a lot of things to love about ramen, but my favorite part is always the soft-boiled egg. A lot of people (my husband) like to eat it right away because they’re too excited to wait, but I love to leave mine until halfway through the meal or more, letting it soak up someRead more

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Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi is a wonder food. It’s fermented cabbage, so like kombucha and sauerkraut, it’s full of probiotics that are good for your gut. It’s also full of lots of anti-oxidants and vitamins, buuuuut it’s also just really yummy. Spicy, sour, crunchy, pickle-y, tangy – I just love it. I recently went to a new restaurantRead more

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DIY Lavender Simple Syrup + Iced Lavender Latte Recipe

Lavender Latte Recipe

If you’ve never tried it before, lavender as a flavor might sound a little bit weird. It makes sense in herbal tea, but using the floral flavor in coffee or cocktails is not quite as common. Even though lavender is getting more and more popular the past few years, finding the syrup in the storeRead more

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